A Year That Was

The Car
The Car


As she cleared the table, she saw her son Chinna working hard at the assignments. She thought of cleaning the house of its mess and then settling down with his work.  Her house was in a disarray and Radhika had had enough of the entire mess that was strewn around. She thought of having a cup of coffee and made her way towards the kitchen when she heard the phone ring. She picked it up and answered the call wondering who could it be now . The person at the other end, asked for a Ritika . Radhika gave up and replied that there was no Ritika around.

Oh For a cup of coffee thought Radhika to herself and was settling down when the phone rang again.  It was the person again who had called earlier. But this time he asked for Radhika. He added that her husband had met with an accident and had to be escorted back home.  RAdhika told Chinna about this and they rushed to the hospital. Something told Radhika that she should take her husbands briefcase along . She went by an auto to the hospital and on the way informed Kumar her husbands brother, her aunt, her cousin in Chennai and her friends Pooja, Lata and Meenu. When she reached the hospital what greeted her was shocking. Ramesh her husband was in a pool of blood and had his entire dress swathed in blood. The guy in question, Manoj  who helped Ramesh get to the hospital and who called Radhika and informed was standing there. Radhika was in tears and did not know what to do.

The doctors said that it was a hip fracture and had to operated. Radhikas daughter Kavita came after some time and broke down. The doctors put Ramesh on traction and waited for four days to see if it got alright. The car that Ramesh travelled in, got bumped out by a truck which caused the accident. The car had to be towed away by the police and sold on scrap.

After four days the traction did not work, and Ramesh had to be operated on. It was an eight hour operation and it was successful. The doctor confirmed everything was safe but ill luck fell on Radhika and Ramesh again. Ramesh contracted pneumonia. The doctor at the ICU said things were not good as there was a suspected infection. Ramesh was in the ICU for four days and got treated for pneumonia. He was brought back into the hospital room.

Radhikas brother Kannan came down from the U.S. to be with her and give support. That night when he landed, the doctor said that things were not good with Ramesh. They said his cardiac ribs had cracked completely and that his lungs had collapsed. There was no chance he could survive. RAdhika could not believe her ears when the doctor said this. She asserted that her husband would not die and that she was sure he would survive. She challenged the doctor that he did not know what he was saying and said that things would be fine.

Rameshs brother Kumar and his wife Sudha had come down for support. That night at the hospital room, Kumar, Kannanand Sudha were worried, but Radhika held ground and held her prayer beads and went to sleep. The next morning, Ramesh gained conciousness. It was a miracle.!

Gradually in the next week, Ramesh was discharged and he came home discharged from the hospital. The day passed fixing an air conditonier for the room he was in and various other things  were arranged. The following day, Radhikas sister lakshmi had come down to help and the physiotherapist came down. He saw Ramesh and said that his body had swollen completely. He called for the ICU doctor and Ramesh had to be hospitalised immediately.

Radhika held on and continued to take care of the matter. The next morning, the doctor came and said that RAmesh had fluid around his heart. It had to be taken out . It was something called Dresslers Syndrome. There was a needle that had to be inserted and the fluid had to be taken out . But there was a 1% risk that it could prick the heart and it could be fatal. RAdhika insisted that she would be with RAmesh during the operation. The fluid did not come out as Ramesh was panting a great deal. He was on his way to losing his life. Then he was put on a ventilator. Radhika lost her courage. All that she had withstood for so many days, came pouring down like a dam burst. She lost her confidence. Ramesh was shiftted to a hospital which had cardiac care. RAdhika called her aunt to take over the house and kids.

Everyone in the family prayed for Ramesh and Radhikas parents, uncles, aunts and cousins and friends stood by her during the time of need.

A week later Ramesh recovered and a week later he got discharged from the hospital. Radhika had to keep him isolated and quarantined for a month. Slowly Ramesh limped back to normal and gradually resumed work. It took 9 months for him to get back to normal.

Today a year later Radhika writes this story thanking God for the good life He gave her and for having Ramesh with her today safe and healthy. I am RAdhika.Photo-0319

Tree Of Life

The Tree Of Life
For Trees Have Life Too

“Plants too have life ” Mrs. Anderson, the Biology teacher finished the lesson and smiled at all the children. The class were doing Plant And Animal Kingdom and the chapter was pretty interesting. The class in fact felt sad it got over.

“But what is the proof that plants have life?” Rihanna asked herself. She could understand all that about how plants prepare food, how they shrivel when we do not water them. She had even seen her granddad singing to plants and seeing them dance in joy. In fact whenever she used to see plants dancing, she used to feel they had come alive. There was something so intriguing about plants that she continued to think that they were man’s best friends.

Years passed and Rihanna reached India on an exchange programme. She was surprised to see everyone here so culture oriented and involved in a lot of social celebrations. One such celebration was a “pooja” people had held to invoke rain. Rihanna had found it very intriguing. Invoking rain? Whatever that meant. She got to know that Nature was worshipped in India as the Mother. She was mother for all living things, plants including.

But how would we know plants have feelings? How ? This is one question that never failed to intrigue Rihanna and she used to look longingly at the tree as if she would get a reply from the huge branches and leaves. Gradually she developed a fondness for the tree in her backyard. A huge mango tree at that. Mangoes, were special in India, but she had brought a sapling along and had grown one in her backyard. As she drove up the driveway, the tree was right in the centre and she had to turn around to park the car. Soon, this became a favourite of all those who passed through and very soon, children used to go through Rihanna’s backyard as she had also built a small sparrow’s house on top.

Every morning, she used to wake up and look at the children playing under the tree,  she used to wave goodbye to them and get back to her chores. One morning, similarly she stood in the balcony looking at the children and waved at them. Just sometime back some elder children had passed by. Then Mr. Smith’s car went by, then old Joe came to wash Jenny’s car. There was so much happening all around and the morning seemed perfect. And then she heard a crash. First a crackling sound…She felt why firecrackers in autumn? And then a crash and a boom!

She rushed to the balcony for she had just then bid goodbye to the children. And there right below, lay one huge branch of a tree sprawled its full glory all gone and dead. Jenny’s car had taken a bashing for the branch fell on the beautiful sedan damaging it beyond recognition. It had rained all night and the branch gave way. The children!

Damaged Car
The tree damaged a car but no occupants in it

Rihanna rushed down, only to see the children turning the corner much ahead of the tree. The tree had fallen, but it did not harm anyone, but the car. She shuddered to think what would have happened if the tree had fallen a second ago, when the children were playing or when the washermen were washing. But the tree did not do that.

The tree knew when to fall and how.  The tree had common sense. Rihanna slowly uttered the words ” The tree has feelings…The tree has life. ………………………….

All plants have life ….!!!!

Rihanna had got her answer to her 20 year question.

Point Of No Return

Rachel Hikes with the Shadows
Rachel Hikes with the Shadows (Photo credit: djking)

As their lips parted and he made his way towards the car, Rachel looked wistfully at the sky and sighed to herself. “Why do I have to bear partings always… Why does he have to go away?”

Richard looked behind, waved at Rachel and as the car went down the lane, Rachel took all her time to turn back, adjusted her jacket, and brought the hood closer to her ears as the sedan took a turn and disappeared into oblivion. The early morning mist around made it even more difficult to trace the car until the end of the road.

She looked at the beautiful orange leaves on the trees and made her way towards home, happy, but wistful that she had to spend yet another fortnight without him. Rachel and Richard had been together now for seven years and it had been a long glorious way down the memory lane. She was happy in his company the most and Richard had her as the “confession” box as he used to call her. Both of them from the same Universities and today settled in their respective lives as successful professionals. Work separated them as Richard had his assignment at a nearby rainforest region where he had to trace the movements of animals and research on them.

Rachel was happy with the biographies she used to write on people she met casually on the streets. Life was perfect and Rachel and Richard were engaged to get married soon, once their commitments at work were done with.

Nothing ever seemed to thrill Rachel more than being with Richard, tending him, spending hours talking to him about nothing, while he used to sit and “hmm’ while working at the laptop. Much as Richards’ “hmm” used to irritate Rachel, yet the incessant banter continued. Time was when Rachel had pounced on Richard once while they were studying together in her house, and had professed her love for him. The only complaint Rachel had was the manner in which Richard used to doze off during conversations. It had taken Richard a year to express his love for her and soon they were in a relation. Time flew after High School and Rachel found herself protecting Richard from every new girl in town. For the tall, handsome hunk that he was, he was always the target of all the girls. Of course, Richard liked all the girl attention and oft found himself in arguments with Rachel regarding the way he was with these girls.

First Sandra, then Maggie, then Shyla, then Pat, and a quick fortnight with Nysa, and then there was Katherine who was the most challenging. Katherine had even attempted to kill herself for his sake. Rhea was another feature who he also thought of marrying, much to Rachel’s disdain and soon he was off her. Yet there was so much chemistry between Rachel and Richard that they always got back together. They laughed together, spent time writing on stuff, which never mattered and had every thing under the sun to share. Richard liked to paint, he used to paint on any topic, soon Rachel egged him to create his own paint site, and there it was Colours Unlimited his website that never gained popularity initially. But Rachel egged him on, and soon it was well on the way to becoming popular. It was a happy pair they made, they were quite settled, and then Penelope came in. She was Richard’s cousin’s friend. Hours on end, they used to talk much to Rachel’s frustration. He used to tell her he was going to sleep (something, which was unusual, for he used to drop off to sleep) and then the next moment, Rachel called; she used to find the phone engaged. Bickering, fights, arguments started over Penelope and Rachel strictly told Richard not to meet Penelope when he came down the next time to meet her. As she held his hand and drew closer, they kissed but there was no warmth. They hugged but there was no comfort, they made love but it was only for the sake of it. There was something that had snapped and Rachel missed it.

Penelope? Rachel wondered. She asked Richard about it and he apologized and came back to his earlier ways and said he would make it up. Once on one of his trips he was going back, after making up with Rachel, when he was taking the bus back home. He saw Andy his friend in college also taking the same bus. Richard was happy he had company but was woe befallen when he saw the beautiful looking girl beside Andy, Patricia. After a few minutes, he spoke to Rachel and then suddenly told her “I am going to call Penelope.”

Rachel was shocked and dissuaded him but he asked her not to interfere and insisted he wanted to talk to her at the dead of night. Rachel gave it up quite knowing it was seeing Andy with a girl which had led him to do something like this. Richard always had the feeling that he had missed out on fun as he was steady with Rachel since High School.  From then on, anything regarding any girl in his life was taboo and she never discussed about it.

She waited this fortnight for him, but he said Natalie was coming with her friend and he had to take her around. Natalie was their friend in college who had once taken Richard out on a lovely and memorable evening out as a farewell treat. Natalie had already invited Richard once for a weekend out to nearby Lake Hashing on a campout and Richard was almost going for it but didn’t after Rachel and his friend Ted had stopped him from going, seeing through her intentions.

Now Natalie was back with her friend, as she wanted to see the place around. Richard was not coming for the weekend. Rachel let it pass when he told her he was out with Natalie for the evening. Around midnight, Rachel called to wish him a good night for she always did, but Richard did not pick up. She assumed he had gone to sleep.

The next morning, Richard called her and said he had slept over at Natalie’s and slept with Natalie.

Rachel felt the world crumbling down and her faith in shatters.

She had now reached the point of no return.


English: Natalie Español: Natalie
English: Natalie Español: Natalie (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


As they waited for the last drop of rain to end, they held each other’s hands and walked down the lane under the umbrella.  Mrs and Mr. Patterson were on their way back home after getting a loaf of bread from the local grocer. Tipple town was a small town in this part of the world and the Patterson’s were more than content living here and looked forward every Saturday for the arrival of their son, Richard.


Richard a night’s journey away used to visit them, every second Saturday and used to fill their dreary life with lot of activity and busy routine. Today was one more such a Friday when they were looking forward to Richard the next morning.


“Will he come tomorrow?” asked Mrs. Patterson as they hobbled down the cobblestoned path up to their small rickety house.


“I know not, Annie,” said Mr. Patterson “maybe he will. And you do not have to worry if he does not come this week.  Do you have to make all those cookies and stuff that you make always. Let him come and you can prepare all that and more for him.”


Annie always used to make all that Richard liked whenever he came down. She used to stuff his bags with all the goodies she cooked and bid him a goodbye with a heavy heart each time he visited.


Richard was an engineer and lived in Yale town nearby around a night’s journey away. He was settled there with his roommate and was quite at peace with his life there. Young, handsome and a perfect gentleman, he had his own life and his own fantasies to run after.


Though he wished to get back home every weekend there were many things that used to press him down at Yale town. This weekend too as miles away his parents were waiting for him, Richard had a date with Natalie and he could not miss it.


Earlier down the years, Natalie had taken him out and expressed her desire to go steady with him, butt he had refused.  Today as she offered him yet another date, he could not refuse, but it was at the expense of not meeting his parents. He did feel guilty but youth took over parents this time.


Last weekend he had gone on a night trail with his friends. His parents had waited for him even then. Richard was a little guilty he was not able to call them regularly as he used to get busy with his own work. His friend Rihanna often used to chide him for missing to call his parents. She used to tell him that he had to call them everyday.


Today as he rushed to be on time for the date with Natalie, the phone rang. Richard was out of the house and he had his other phone with him. He did not bother to pick it up as he was getting late for his date.


Natalie had booked a nice cozy corner for them in the best hotel in town. Natalie loved to dress up for eating and she expected Richard to be well dressed too. She was quite particular about the way you dress and present yourself.


Richard made sure he was well groomed for he was a little conscious when it came to Natalie. Rihanna used to tell him not to give Natalie so much attention. But Richard was grownup now and he did not like Rihanna dictating terms to him.


The evening went off very well and Richard came back home after dropping Natalie in her house. As he entered home, he switched on the answering machine…and went to have a shower. AS he was getting into the shower, he heard his mother’s frail voice…Richard, we are waiting for you. Today as we were coming back from the grocer’s shop, he fell down and has sprained his back”


Richard felt a wave of guilt and he replayed the events of the evening and wished he had not been so selfish. He realized that this was the phone call he chose not to answer some time back in the evening.


He took the next flight home.



Small Steps Big Differences

Rachel Hikes with the Shadows
Rachel Hikes with the Shadows (Photo credit: djking)


The tiny fingers gripped the huge palm tighter…The smallness of her hand was really miniscule in comparison to the huge size of her mother’s hands….warm and soothing, firm but convincing. Katie looked up to see her mother’s face …and turned her direction towards her mother’s focus of attention..

“Clear the way for the children, monsieurs et Mesdames…” boomed the voice of the burly security guard at the gate of Springdale Nursery. The first day of school and all the anxious parents had gathered at the entrance to the school. As the bell struck and signaled the time of beginning of school, the parents started waving goodbye, giving hurried last minute kisses…bear hugs, warm embraces…emotions were high and flowing .

Katie’s grip tightened…and she thought to herself, “ No, I am not letting go of my mama’s hand…I am gonna take her inside…”…Even as she was lost in these thoughts, Rachel bent down, fixed Katies’ satchel properly, adusted her pinafore and gave her one warm peck in her cheek… “Be a good girl…ok? Mama will be waiting for you right here…Go off you go…”
So saying and leading her into the corridor of the school, Katie stood there looking at her mother…big tears in her innocent eyes…

Rachel patted Katie on her head and asked her to be a brave mama’s girl…and fondly led her in….Rachel sat with Katie on her bench. The parents were allowed to be inside the classroom on the first day of school. Rachel felt that only Katie was the best dressed and best looking child in the class, How mothers can be self effacing…is a proof of Nature’s way of sending across the warmth of motherhood all over.

After quarter of an hour the parents were asked to go out….Hardly had the parents moved out of the room, than they heard a din which they would forever cherish and remember in the years to come.. The din of the two three year olds wailing at the sudden separation from their mother…The noise of wailing infants, sobbing miserably as if doomsday had come calling on them…

Feeling really proud but beleagured, feeling satisfied but insecure the mothers walked out of school…and waited the full hour outside the school. As the bell rang after an hour signaling end of the first day of the tot’s school, the parents rushed to the gate each one trying to be the first to see their child come out…And as the tiny tots came out, tears trickling down their faces, with dirty cheeks and running noses, open shoelaces and broken buttons, satchel in place but hair all in a mess, the scene was like a battle won and the warriors being received. Each mother wrapping her baby in her arms, lifting her up, checking to see if her child was alright….and then tightening her hug…

But Katie’s tears remained…every day for the next week till she settled down in her classroom…Katie shone like a bright star …and was the teacher’s favourite…A year rolled by and soon it was time for the summer holidays to begin. …

Very soon Rachel and Katie were again at the gate…this time she was in Higher Nursery Section….Again the small fingers gripped the huge hand tightly, the grasp tightening as the school gate neared…again the reluctant goodby, again the slow turning back of the bobbing infant head, tears welled up, with a single question on her lips.. .. “ You would come to pick me up wont you..?” The fond waving of a goodbye till the small infant figure disappeared amidst the crowd into the school rooms….the long wait till the school was over and Katie rushing into her arms…

Five years passed and Katie was now in the Second Grade. Yet the first day of school was always an experience of excess salt water for her….Tears…Katie had now grown into a cute chubby seven year old…yet her eyes were the same…welling with big tears, Katie would pause at the gate for Rachel to give her a kiss and then ask “ Would you come to pick me up..?”

Rachel failed to understand how Katie never failed to cry ….on the first day…even as her grades soared and she was good at everything…Katie remained the crybaby till the Seventh Grade…

The tiny hands had now become young hands, the small baby had grown into a beautiful 16 year old…Katie had now become a lovely looking teenager, and she was with Rachel in her first day of college…

Rachel accompanied Katie to her classroom, waited outside to see if there was anything else to be done…and then it was time to say goodbye…Rachel hugged Katie and planted a warm peck on Katie’s cheek…Katie hurriedly said…. “Ok, mom, I am going in…..bye..”

Rachel slowly walked down the steps, and edged along the corridor…she got herself a lemonade and in slow steps walked out of the college gate….

This time at the gate there were tears……but today they brimmed in the mother’s eyes….How times change…Rachel suddenly realized her child had grown into a confident woman….from the small fingers that clung to her hands…years back…to confident hands waving a goodbye…Rachel had traveled a long journey of motherhood….



2015 in review

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The Soulmate

The Angelic Child
The Angelic Child

As they walked into the auditorium, they were reminiscing the tastes they shared together. Yes, Alfred and Rachel were friends since more than two decades and it is a chance family reunion that brought them together. Alfred and Robert were friends and Rachel was married to Robert and the friendship between Alfred and Rachel bloomed gradually. Alfred liked Rachel’s disposition and introduced her as his female version to all.

In fact he always used to say ” We are soulmates. When we are together, the room seems to come to a standstill. Everything else stops and it is only our souls talking. I feel I am talking to myself when i see you.”

Today they were going to a music concert where amateurs were going to sing and Rachel had just got into the throes of exploring her voice and talent in singing.

The concert began and was hosted by a svelte looking girl who had blonde hair. However something about her irked Alfred and he instantly told Rachel that she should never be seen on stage in this manner. Rachel was also trying her stint with music and was at forty plus already a mother of two and was yearning to pursue her small dream of singing on stage . Alfred had always encouraged her to do things her way and secretly admired her spunk and adored her spirits.

Rachel was busy with her own life and her own small music sessions, one of which had Reginald as the director. Reginald’s troupe had performed many times and one such performance had the blonde haired girl who Alfred and Rachel had seen at the music concert. It was audition time and in Reginald’s troupe. The blonde haired beauty Dahlia was seated beside Reginald. As Rachel came up to the stage Dahlia whispered to Reginald “ Has she come for a wedding party or something? Oh she is so decked up aint she?” Reginald liked Rachel’s singing and soon selected her for his troupe.

As each performer came on stage, Alfred himself a connosieur of Western classical was very drawn towards the whole idea of singing to a beat. As one performer came on to stage, Alfred was transfixed and was completely mesmerized by his singing. He came back to the audience and to Alfred’s surprise sat next to both of them. One thing led to another and Alfred soon had befriended the performer. Nathaniel was the name of this guy and soon one found Nathaniel had come over to Alfred’s the weekend and very soon a small music session had begun.

A Tale Now all that Alfred wanted was a mike and he called Rachel when he had to buy one. Rachel did not have the time . Alfred and Rachel had a very casual friendship and there were days when Alfred used to drop into Rachel’s house just for a cup of coffee and lazed around doing nothing. He used to bring his terrier Luke over and Rachel never minded him messing around the place. There were days when Alfred used to take Luke for a walk and used to call Rachel down and they used to spend hours sitting on the steps outside their house and discuss everything under the sun.

Soon Alfred had made a music group on social media and it caught the attention of many. Alfred did not have the confidence to sing and he used to call Rachel over to practice so that they could have a few sessions of singing.

Time passed by and soon Alfred’s passion for a music group started growing on social media. Soon he had two, then three and then four and gradually a troupe of ten in his group. One day Alfred called Rachel and told her that Dahlia had joined his group and she was such a talented individual. Rachel was a little taken aback as she had distinctly remembered that Alfred had not liked Dahlia at the first instance. She wondered how could her friend change so suddenly. Well it takes everyone to make this world she thought to herself and did not bother much. On one such occassion in Alfred’s music meets she bumped into Dahlia and they met there first.

Reginald’s concert was nearing and Rachel wished to know what the attire should be. Reginald mentioned about Dahlia telling him that Rachel was over decked at times so asked her to go mellow on the clothes. Rachel was quite surprised that Dahlia had spoken behind her back. Reginald was in touch with Rachel for various issues and in one such instance Rachel happened to mention to him that his presenter Dahlia was in the music sessions run by Alfred. This took Reginald by surprise. A few days later Reginald had his concert coming up and he asked Rachel if she would run the show for him as his presenter had ditched him at the last moment. Rachel did  not mind and agreed. Towards the noon Alfred called Rachel and asked her if she had agreed to do a concert for Reginald. Rachel was surprised and she said yes she did . To which Alfred said that it was because she had mentioned that Dahlia was in his music group that she was shorn off her role as presenter. Rachel was a little pushed to the corner and happened to mention to Alfred that Dahlia herself had spoken about Rachel to Reginald so it was like Dahlia had the habit of putting one against the other. The matter was sorted and Alfred did not mind it a bit.

Alfred soon arranged for a small music session and it was a great achievement for him. Rachel had free entry into Alfred’s house and could come and go as she wished. On one Sunday afternoon Alfred planned a music party in another place booked specially for this. Alfred was very excited about the whole thing and had publicized everyone in the group but did not speak much about his own friend Rachel. Rachel never minded all this and went to perform in the party. She did and was an instant hit amongst the people there. She was well appreciated by all and the web page soon got filled with praises of her. Rachel loved poetry and there was someone else in the group who also loved the same. They interacted with each other through poetic verses. Maybe Alfred did not like it as the group leader and objected to it. Rachel obliged and refrained from commenting. Alfred mentioned that people have to be serious about work and should speak only about work in the group. The very next morning there was lot of camaraderie talk going on in the group. This irked Rachel and she enquired if this kind of talk was acceptable. To which Alfred responded that camaraderie was allowed but flirting was not. Rachel wondered whenever did she flirt . This bothered her a lot and soon she saw that Allen had left the group. She asked Allen why he left the group and Allen said that he was not happy with the weird talk going on in the group. Rachel agreed that Alfred was weird and said maybe Dahlia was influencing him . Rachel knew that Dahlia loved to put one against the other. Allen was clear to say that it was not Dahlia and that Alfred himself was behaving very weird.

Rachel was upset that she was called a flirt by her two decade old friend and felt quite bad that he was not responding to her messages. So she decided to speak to Katie, Alfred’s wife. In an hour’s time Rachel found that Alfred had removed her from the group. Rachel was shocked! Was she so unreasonable, or unapproachable that she had to face removal from a group? She was shattered beyond worries as she felt the others in the group would feel that she had been removed because she was a flirt. A thousand thoughts raced through Rachel’s head and finally she decided to confront Alfred about it. In tears she went to his house and tried to sort out matters. Alfred accused her of saying that she had said extremely wrong things about him and Dahlia to Allen. Rachel’s mind was in a whirl. Why had Allen to spill out things to Alfred when she had just mentioned her feelings to him. Alfred was upset that Rachel spoke to Katie about it as Katie was just recovering from a nervous breakdown. All in all, Rachel requested to be put back in the group and promised to stay mum.

Alfred put her back in the group and Rachel refrained from  saying anything in the group but was reading all the banter going on in the group. Soon Reginald had another concert and to Rachel’s surprise it was Dahlia hosting the show. Meanwhile Dahlia’s interaction in the group was lessened. Rachel wondered where Dahlia was. So she asked her on personal messaging system where she was and why the silence. In an hour’s time Dahlia said she was quite moved by Rachel’s question and was touched that Rachel missed her.

Meanwhile Rachel went to the parlour and looked at her phone while she was having her head massaged. She read a message “  You are removed from this group” . Alfred had removed her yet again.!

Rachel the cause of Alfred’s group to even begin, the cause of his passion to rise, was no longer needed and was stemmed from his life bluntly. Nothing changed for Dahlia, Alfred or Reginald but Rachel is left wondering where she went wrong and what is friendship all about. If Rachel was his soulmate, had Alfred removed himself out of his life??? Maybe…what say?

Saluting Shaheed Bhagat Singh

Tejas Vaidya
Tejas Vaidya

Tejas Vaidya,  is 23 years of age and loves to have a lot of thrill and adventure in his life. Maybe this is one of the reasons he also aspires to be an officer soldier in the Indian Army. He is awaiting the results of the Army Examination he has appeared for.  Dare to Share is a part of Tales To  Read which shares adventurous tales of real life experiences. Today Rukmini Krishnan brings on Dare to Share a post written by Tejas Vaidya  on the Indian marytyr Shaheed Bhagat Singh  who was hung on March 23,  1931. This is a tribute on his death anniversary.

A Story of Blood and Inquilab.

To start with, I’ll tell you what Is Inquilab. Inquilab simply means, a 20 something boy giving up everything, all materialistic things by choice to pursue a dreadful journey of mental pain and physical torture in a HOPE, to free and also sustain his country. More specifically, Inquilab means, a 20 something youngster who writes, “Isskadar waakif he meri kalam mere Jasbaadon se, Ki ishq bhi likhna chaahu, toh Inquilab likh kar ata he.” A twenty something seedling of a boy, trying to root a foundation in growing a revolution.

Part I-The Baptism.

With a pounding heavy heart and a hefty stomach, pregnant Saraswati, after a long-long wait, from dawn till dusk set out with a trembling pace and wavering mind to find her daughter (Bella) who had gone missing to Jalianwala Bagh. To her ugly fate and already set misfortune, she was welcomed outside her house by a carpet of dead bodies, roads smeared with blood and decorated by confetti of human organs. A barbaric grotesque picture lay in front of this expecting mother, who had to kick these lifeless bodies aside to move ahead, climb those strenuous mountains formed out of heaps of human flesh basking in rivers of oozing blood with bleak-weakened hope to find her lost daughter. Perhaps a cruel yet ideal irony had set in the dark British Raj clouded Bharat, “A woman with her two children, one growing inside her and one perhaps lying somewhere in the congeries of the dead, just not found yet.” After witnessing a thousand split veins and gallons of RED, Sarwaswati collapsed near the lone well of Jalianwala Baug. When she woke up the next morning, a fresh aroma of blood and the groveling stink of rotting Indian flesh were still there to remind her that last night wasn’t her worst nightmare… but a horrible truth. Going home, still hoping to find her daughter hopefully alive while being in various vicious layers of negated thoughts, came a sudden blow on her face!

A British sepoy had slammed poor Saraswati’s already disfigured face with the butt of his rifle and ordered her, “Agar iss rastein se jana he, toh apne ghutno par chalna hoga!”,  ( If you have to go through this path, then you have to walk on your knees) regardless of her pregnancy, regardless of the already seen violence and bloodshed she tried her best to crawl and when tried to get up, she too wasn’t spared; sticks, rifle butts were a constant to her already broken will and body.
After reaching home, that very day lying in pain on her own bed, bleeding and in mental agony she was given a promise by her young 11 year old cousin, “I will never forget your death, neither the death of any of my countrymen.”

This very cousin, baptized in the fire of agony, blood and deaths; molded in the very roots of patriotism, forged with honor, duty and a promise was born a true to self fighter, a true Inquilabi, none other than…BHAGAT SINGH.

Part II-Inquilab!

At this age where today’s lads fritter away their time on social networking, philander-y or certificates, Bhagat Singh was being thrashed on his face with rifle butts and sticks, bleeding profusely. At a young age of instead of budding with happiness and frivolity he befriended pain, immense physical and mental torture just to safeguard one answer, “Azaad Kaha he?”,Batao Azaad Kaha he.” ( Where is Azaad> Tell Where is Azaad?>)That’s it. No prize money or medals awaited him, no newspapers were to glorify his 15 days painful regime, in which the sepoys perhaps jealous of young handsome Bhagat, targeted his face as their favorite spot to hit their metal at. Later, after Bhagat Singh transited from human flesh-tint to royal blue, he was bailed out by his father paying 60,000 rupees.

We all know that on 8th April 1929, a bomb was carefully thrown into the Parliament as a protest against certain draconian bills being passed, but another fact was overshadowed, that Bhagat and Battukeshwar Dutt had themselves welcomed, rather comforted a few khakis to come and arrest them!

Imprisoned in jail and seeing those acrimonious human conditions , he protested in such a valiant manner that it thunderously shook the very foundation of British raj. The ultimate Hunger strike, which lasted more than 45 days! (We fast for a day and in the evening throw tantrums, faint halfway or cheat with milk or sweets, here was a strike which lasted for a whole FORTY FIVE days, FORTY FIVE DAYS NO FOOD, NO MILK NO CHEATS!”.). To add up to this, after the 10thday the drama went to its cruel mode as, our revolutionaries along with Bhagat, were forced down, sepoy sitting on their hands, legs and choking their nostrils with rubber pipes to drizzle milk inside them. If not cruel enough for you yet, don’t worry, they somehow made sure that it would get under your skin as the stick blows and shackles were at regular intervals and were taken to court on stretchers or wheel chairs for their case. At this point, let me remind you, why were they doing this? For fame, name? They wanted their names in the analogs of history? They had no choice?…NO, they chose it all, in a hope that, “Bharat maa, will be free again.” Now re-read this paragraph again, knowing why they went through all this, for forty-five days!!!

Part III- The un-ritualistic hanging.

All this extremity ended in by hanging of a young, true to self, patriotic brave BOY, a boy just about my age… HANGED. But what a man imbibed with a great service to the nation filled with immense oodles of dignity. On the eve of his death day, Singh complimented tears in the jail-cooks eyes saying, “twaddi roti, mujhe apne bebbe ki yaad dila ti he.Shukriya”. ( Your bread, reminds me of my mother). He denied a message that was secretly passed to him of his apparent escape plan replying,” haan mein aana jaroor chahta hu, par apne dosto ke bina nahi.” ( Yes, I definitely want to come, but not without my friends)

His last book he thought was a good read, on Lenin. .”.

With Sukhdev on his left and Rajgru on his right, these three inquilabis somewhere in their 20s, proudly and boldly upright without a single shudder and tremble of caution embraced the very ropes that were made to fit their throats…. As the clock ticked the platform was shifted and 3 boys, mind it there, BOYS is what they were, young, honorable, honest were ransacked in body bags and their sacred bodies were THROWN near the banks of Sutlej, half burned, still burning… The locals were pre-informed; they actually took the remains of the body home.

Sorry, I could not include every fact or incident as my grandmother who reads it out from the book for me would often start crying and her voice would subdue in sonority and I didn’t want to overstress a septuagenarian. So sorry, but what still baffles me and inspired me in the very first place to write this was a neglected corner of an esteemed newspaper on an odd page covering news of three gentleman walking all the way from Jaipur to Gateway of India to commemorate Shaheed Bhagat Singh’s Birthday. Their message had to reach all, their efforts however crude they were had to be echoed and yes certainly, how can the cause behind their sacrifice be ever forgotten. What is it that we are so proud of, we posses that gives us the right to forget this, not continue this. Is it money? Politics?, ambition? fear of death?  What is it? What is Inquilab?

On this day, let me a menial storyteller, introduce you to three such gentlemen Vijay Rao, Manaram Kadela and Rameshwar Gurjar.who despite of their well-off careers and settled family crossed not just limits of sanity but three state borders to reach Gateway of Mumbai to find an empty spot and have strong breath of satisfaction, to tribute this above mentioned tale and dedicated their walk to Shaheed Bhagat Singh.

Thank you Vijay Rao, Manaram Kadela and Rameshwar Gurjar.
Hope you remember this tale and pass it on and inspire the generations to come. Do watch the video dedicated to them.

Pinky Sharma
Pinky Sharma

A special word of mention for Pinky Sharma who was instrumental in introducing Tejas’ writing skills to this blog.

The Close Shave

Dare To Share is a part of Tales To Read which allows people across the world to share their stories . This not only enhances interactive reading but also provides a platform for many of those who wish to do something creative. Today Rukmini Krishnan brings on Tales to Read a story written by Shiksha Upadhyay .  A special thanks to PinkySharma who was instrumental in introducing me to Shiksha.

Pinky Sharma
Pinky Sharma








Shiksha Upadhyay
Shiksha Upadhyay

Name : Shiksha Upadhyay

Profession : First Year Medical Student in Pravara Institute of Medical Sciences in Loni, Maharashtra, India.

Interests : Music, Dance and Reading.

Family : Father, Mother and a Younger Brother in Navi Mumbai.

Life to her means : Insatiable.  She strongly believes that every person is dissatisfied with the way their life is and instead of viewing it as something negative I think that it is inevitable and drives us to do better in life

Here is her prize winning entry in a Creative Writing Competition

11 July, 2006

9:30 am

Virar, Mumbai


“Bye honey! Love you! I’ll be early today for your pasta.”

Arun kissed me and started to leave.

“Hey, wait!” I called him.

“What?” he said turning back.

I froze. My fists were clenched and words were getting stuck in my throat. Come on Natasha you have to tell. Now or never!

“Umm….I’ll tell when you’re back. Now be quick or you’re gonna miss your train!”

“Okay, bye!” He kissed me again and left closing the door behind him.

I quickly went to the window and peered out of it. Arun was walking on the pavement across the street. As he walked he shifted his gaze from the street to our apartment’s window. On seeing me he stopped, waved and smiled. I smiled too. A fake smile. He was still looking at me. Then he waved again and resumed his path. I was still looking out. I sighed. Then I remembered that day a year back.

26 August, 2005

“Will you marry me, Natasha?”

Arun was kneeling down like a typical lover staring right into my eyes. He was holding a tiny box which was open for me to see. It had the most beautiful diamond ring I had ever seen.

“What?!” escaped my lips. I staggered back. I knew the expressions on my face weren’t promising.

Arun’s expression changed. He was still kneeling down.

“I thought you loved me….”

Same old lines!

“I do love you honey! But I can’t marry you now!”

“Why?” he asked in a low, disappointed tone.

That face! He made a face that could have made a man of steel cry! His eyes full of sadness, guilt and sorrow; his lips almost shivering. Ugh! This isn’t fair!

I replied anyway,

“Because all this is happening so fast! I haven’t even started with my internship. And I can’t just get into this marriage business right now!”

This did no good. He was getting worse.

“But we had planned so much for ourselves. Then why….”

‘This would go on for hours!’ I thought. I had to think of something.

“Okay, baby listen. I can’t marry you now. I’m just not ready. But… perhaps…..we can move in?”

Now my plan had to work. He being the old school type would refuse to move in and this topic would be closed for some time.

He changed his expression once again. But unfortunately, a smile spread across his face.

“Yeah! That’s a great idea! You’re right. We don’t need to marry now. You should settle your career first. We’ll move in your apartment? I’ll be there in two days!”

11 July, 2006

I was still staring out of the window, not knowing what to do. I had been living with Arun for the past one year but never had a nerve to tell him the truth. I loved him a lot. But the thought of marriage and living together scared me. I wasn’t ready for it. I couldn’t do it anymore. But I also couldn’t hurt him. I would not be able to forgive myself if I did so.

But I decided I would tell him for sure today. He needed to know the truth. I couldn’t deceive him further.

The entire day had gone glum because of the fear of talking to him. I also did not go to work. I slept most of the time. Then I did some office work.

I was still staring out of the window, not knowing what to do. I had been living with Arun for the past one year but never had a nerve to tell him the truth. I loved him a lot. But the thought of marriage and living together scared me. I wasn’t ready for it. I couldn’t do it anymore. But I also couldn’t hurt him. I would not be able to forgive myself if I did so.

But I decided I would tell him for sure today. He needed to know the truth. I couldn’t deceive him further.

The entire day had gone glum because of the fear of talking to him. I also did not go to work. I slept most of the time. Then I did some office work.

11 July, 2006

6:30 pm

It was difficult to explain how I had been feeling the entire day. I wanted Arun to come home as early as possible so that I could spill out everything. But I was too scared to say anything. I was literally practicing in front of a mirror. But then I finally gave up in the evening. Before I went into the kitchen to make something for myself I checked the clock. It was 6:30 That’s the time Arun always calls when he’s sitting in the train and coming back. He was reaching in some time. I went to the kitchen, took out the packet of pasta I had bought the day before.

That’s when my cell phone rang. Arun, I thought. I went to our room and glanced on the phone screen. It was Smriti, my colleague. I pushed the green button and held the phone to my ear.

“Yeah Smriti, I’m sorry I ditched you today. I didn’t want to come. You know…”

“NO! Listen to me. Switch on your television! Quick!”

Her voice was filled with urgency and fear.

“What happened?! You sound scared.”

“Just do what I’m saying!”

I grabbed the remote and switched on the television. We hardly watch TV and even if we do it’s always for news so the channel was already there when I switched on.

“Breaking news coming, we are bringing live pictures from the spot. As you can see, the blast has completely destroyed the train. Dead bodies are still being taken out. A lot of bodies are completely unidentifiable. There is a lot of chaos and…Prakash? Yes I hear you! Oh my god. Yet ANOTHER blast has been reported at Santacruz. We’ll soon be bringing live images from the spot. Keep watching Times Now!”

As I kept staring my eyes widened. I couldn’t believe what I saw. A local train was completely mangled. People were moving around haphazardly. Then as the camera focused more I could see that blood had stained the walls of the train. I even forgot Smriti was on the phone.

After around a minute of shock I finally spoke to her.

“Wha…..what is all this?”

“There was a bomb blast reported just now in this train. There had been more just minutes ago. Natasha, Arun also travels along the western line, right? Is he okay?”

My gaze automatically went to the wall clock. It was 6:35. Why didn’t Arun call?

“I…..I….don’t know. He hasn’t called yet. I mean he calls everyday at 6:30. He….”

“Call him!”

“Yeah!” I said and quickly hung up. Then I punched some numbers on the phone and held it to my ear.

The number you are trying to reach is switched off. Please try again later.”

“Damn!” I said hanging up. I redialed the number.

The number you are trying to…..”

I called Smriti.

“Hello? Yeah, his phone is switched off! I don’t know what to do!

There was a deadly silence. Then she said,

“Listen, don’t worry. Just keep trying, I’m coming over there.”

I hung up. Then I again called Arun. His phone was switched off.

I focused my attention to the television. I could see horrific pictures of the scene. It was all very scary. I flipped to the other channels. Every single news channel was showing the same. Every minute the number of dead people reported was increasing.

Then suddenly very unknowingly my eyes started getting moist. My face felt hot. I was finding it hard to breathe. And then tears rolled down my cheeks. I closed my eyes. A cute and cheerful face of Arun materialized in my head. Was he leaving me forever? No! I couldn’t think of anything like that.

Just then the door bell rang. I went up to open the door. It was Smriti. On seeing me she hugged.

“It’ll be fine! Nothing’s gonna happen to him.” she tried comforting me.

She entered.

“There were total seven blasts. And that too in just eleven minutes!” she said.

I barely heard her. All my thoughts were focused on Arun. Why wasn’t he picking up his phone?

I called again. It was switched off.

“What do we do now, Smriti?” I said between sobs.

“Everything’s gonna be fine. Just…” she saw the TV screen. I followed her gaze. A woman was speaking.

“Nearly 200 people are dead and 700 are injured. All the dead bodies have been taken to the following hospitals. People who cannot contact their relatives are requested to visit these hospitals for the identification of dead bodies….”

Smriti looked at me. I looked at her. I knew what she was asking for.

“No…..no…..!” I said crying bitterly.

“This is the only way of knowing. We don’t have any other choice!” she said sighing.

I agreed reluctantly.

11 July, 2006

7:30 pm

Borivali, Mumbai

We reached the government hospital nearest to our home. As we got to the entrance a fat woman wearing a white uniform who was standing near the entrance asked us,

“You have come to identify a body?”

“Yes….” I replied in tears.

“Then come this way. A lot of bodies are still not identified. Male or female?”

“Excuse me?”

“The body is of a man or a woman?” she said rolling her eyes.

“Oh! Man.”



She lead us to a dark and smelly room. There were several bodies kept on the floor covered with white sheets.

“Now be quick. Don’t waste time.”

I approached the corpse which was nearest to me. I noticed how badly I was perspirating. I looked at Smriti.

“Do it……” she said. She was also in tears.

With my hands shaking I lifted the sheet from the head of the body. I saw the face. It was covered with blood but I could say that it was not Arun. My hands automatically went up to my mouth and nose to cover it as I breathed a sigh of relief.

It took a lot of time but we checked all the bodies in the room. Every instance of removing the sheet off the bodies was a horror. Those instances irked the fear of losing Arun.

With the last corpse, it was confirmed that Arun was not present among them. I couldn’t understand whether I was to be happy or sad about it.

I tried calling him again when we were out of the hospital. His phone was switched off.

“Which hospital should we move on to now?” asked Smriti.

“I don’t know. I am so…” I stopped. I couldn’t speak a word. What I saw had frozen me.

Smriti saw my face.

“What happened?”

“I….think…I think I saw Arun!”

“What!? Where?”

“Over there!” I said pointing to the crowd of people trying to enter the hospital. I started running towards the hospital entrance.

“Wait Natasha! Are you sure it’s him?”

“I don’t know! I think I saw his bag. The one he takes for work every day. I think it’s him!” I replied running.

The entrance was heavily crowded. I tried tearing through it and succeeded. I entered the hospital. It was no good and equally crowded. I scanned the corridors but couldn’t locate Arun.

Suddenly a zebra pattern caught my eye. It was the same pattern that Arun had on his bag. I followed it. I forgot all about Smriti, about the crowd and the entire world. For that moment nothing mattered more that Arun. I kept following it and almost leaped forward to catch it. Once in my hands, I pulled the bag and its owner also got pulled.

In moments I was staring at the person. Hazel eyed, brown hair, a slightly long nose and thin lips. Then suddenly I don’t know why, that day; five years back flashed in my head.

“Okay, so Arun, this is our first date. Why do you think I’ll fall for you?”

“Why not Natasha. Am I not handsome?” he said smiling.

“Why? Because you have hazel eyes, brown hair, a slightly long nose and thin lips?”

Then he stared right into my eyes and said,

“You’ll fall for me ‘coz I’ll always be there to catch you!”

Tears were rolling down my cheeks as I hugged Arun in that messed up crowd.

“Natasha!? Oh god! I was so worried! Where were you? I had been looking you all over. I got caught up in work and when I saw the news channels I thought something might have happened to you while you were returning from work! I couldn’t even call you because my phone was run over by a car in all this chaos…”

I hugged him for about five long minutes.

“Let’s go home!” I said half crying.

11 July, 2006

10:30 pm

Virar, Mumbai

That night I lay close to Arun my head buried in his chest.

“So honey,” he said smiling “You said you wanted to tell me something…”

I lifted my head and looked at him. His eyes were lovingly looking at me with a cute smile on his face.

“Yeah…I was thinking that it’s been pretty long since we’ve lived together.”


There was a long pause before I said,

“Will you marry me, Arun?”


2014 In Review of My Blog By Word Press

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 310 times in 2014. If it were a cable car, it would take about 5 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

Manna Dey A Legend

Manna Dey
Manna Dey (Photo credit: ramesh_lalwani)


Legendary Indian singer Manna Dey is no more. Today I offer a tribute to him through this famous song from the movie Anand starring Rajesh Khanna, another great star. As I wipe the tear away all I feel is a loss and a vaccuum that is incomparable.



By Rukmini Krishnan


Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword

Google Search
Google Search (Photo credit: Steven Combs)

As Rachel adjusted her scarf, the lift door opened and she went in. She was quite smitten by the lift which had no floor numbers to enter. Instead you had to press the floor you wished to go right outside the lift and the lift automatically took you there. As she entered the office, she was quite impressed with the ambience. They asked her to write on osteoporosis. She did and she landed with the job of a writer.

Thus started Rachels unprecedented and unplanned career. Soon, she was writing 20 articles a day and quite happy with herself. Time was when she met Steve who was also on a writers assignment. He introduced Rachel to Tanish who ran a company that dealt with artworks. Tanish wanted some  articles written for his company. Rachel did well with this and one afternoon Tanish called to confirm payments made by him when Rachel got talking about her blogs and her passion for writing. Tanish casually mentioned he would link her to Melissa an editor with a local news journal.

Rachel had come far from a mere stay at home mom to a writer on public websites. And now this job of a freelancer was what Rachel was waiting for. Melissa saw Rachels blogs and instantly gave here a computerised managed system where in RAchel could log in and write and publish her articles.

Rachel was in India and it was Navratri time. It is the festival of nine nights. As she wrote just to keep tabs with the current celebrations, RAchel just ached to go to sleep.But all her hard efforts paid off, for today that article has topped Google. Rachel is me and this has been my story.

Navratri (Photo credit: goblinbox_(queen_of_ad_hoc_bento))

At times, you do not realise how Lady Luck smiles at you. Not quite realising my potential, I wrote on an occassion in India, which is the festival of nine nights, Navratri. And imagine my joy when I found it is topping Google search since the past week. What more could a writer want and more surprises was on the way .

navratri colours
navratri colours

Today my other article on Dussehra celebrations also is fourth on Google search.

Fourth on Google
Fourth on Google







My father said, Hardwork always pays. Success reigns for those who work hard towards a better cause. As I climb up the ladder of success I look back and thank all those small obstacles that made me a better person.

Six Degrees Of Separation

Six degrees of separation: Artistic visualizat...
Six degrees of separation: Artistic visualization. Français : Visualisation artistique du principe des Six degrés de séparation. Nederlands: zes niveaus van scheiding (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Six degrees of separation. For every person you interact with in this
world you would have six people responsible for the acquaintance.
Strange but true. This is a true story and there could be no further
evidence. Call it coincidence, madness or impractical. But 90% of the
time six degrees of separation works.


Rachel looked at herself in the mirror and got ready to go to her French Classes. As she walked with Richard she was only discussing how best to avoid meeting Robert who she was going to get married to. Her fathers promise to Roberts father and the alliance was a long time promise that had to be kept. Try as she might she did not know how to avoid her marriage to Robert. Well fate has its ways, she said to herself wryly as they entered the French class. She wondered whyever Mrs. Smith met Roberts mother and suggested Robert and Rachel get married. If it had not been for Mrs. Smith, the marriage would not have come up.


Robert looked at his father lying on the hospital bed and sighed wondering why things happened at the wrong time. Here he was a research assistant in one of the best chemical companies and there his father was diagnosed of cancer. Robert had to leave his job and take care of his father and his ageing mother. Everyone wanted Robert to get married to Rachel before his father died. Doctors had given up and had said it was only a matter of days.


Andy looked up from his papers and looked at Katie ready with a sweet smile on her face. Andy was Katies mentor and guide and they were in the same hospital. Love bloomed in the air and Katie soon proposed to Andy her senior , and soon enough they got married. Andy used to live in his uncles house which was nearer to the hospital. His parents lived in Rushington, a small town in the countryside. As Andy and Katie came back to their uncles house from the church, he saw Roberts mother waving at them. Robert was Andys uncles neighbour. Later Andy and Katie settled in Thorville a beautiful place in the suburbs.


Soon Robert and Rachel were married and they lived in the beautifully big house that Roberts parents had made with lot of expectation and affection. Time passed and Keith, Roberts brother was soon back with the family . He had been in London pursuing further studies.  Baby bells rang in Rachels life and she gave birth to Kylie a beautiful bonny girl. Keith met Susan and they got married and now it was a big family living together. Obviously it was a case of too many cooks spoiling the broth and soon Robert and RAchel decided to find a separate house and reached Thorville . Soon the family got back its lost harmony and time just flew by. Rachel got acquainted with Andy and Katie and soon Andy and Rachel were the best of friends.


Ryan was an Engineering Grad who was struggling in doing well at the University. He was frustrated, sad, upset that Samantha walked out of his life.  Ryans father Patrick was Rachels colleague at work and they lived in the same area. Patrick needed Rachels help for getting some information from the Internet for his friends daughter. Rachel said she would mail the details and Patrick gave her Ryans email id. Rachel mailed it and found Ryan online and got talking. One thing led to another and soon Rachel started solving all of Ryans problems. Ryan had a friend Steve who helped him in their environmental endeavours. Time flew and Ryan went to Atlanta to pursue his Masters while Steve and Rachel continued the environmental activity back home. Steve was a content writer and introduced Rachel to this art.


Ted was an ambitious content designer with a lot of plans ahead in life. He was in love with Melissa who had her own publication. Ted and RAchel got acquainted through Steve who introduced Rachel to Ted. Ted liked Rachels way of writing and appreciated her blogs . Rachel confided in Ted her ambition to write a book and to be recognised as a writer in public. Ted gradually started sharing his personal problems with Rachel. One day Ted stopped calling Rachel. Rachel waited for a fortnight and called him wondering what was amiss. Ted said his father was unwell and was suffering from cancer. Rachel told him if he needed any help she would surely help him.


The next morning Ted told Rachel he needed a second opinion on his fathers treatment. Rachel introduced him to Andy. Andy advised Ted what to do. Teds father is fine now.

Mrs. Smith – Rachel- Robert- Ryan-Steve- Andy – Ted…..Six Degrees of Separation !!!

Come Undone

Come Undone
Enjoy this story on Tales To Read

”Make sure that you do well in your play and don’t worry, you will not forget your lines, dear” said Judith as she adjusted the collar of her son’s shirt.  Alexander was going to do on stage for the first time and was quite nervous.

The evening passed well, Alexander did extremely well and was quite happy with the way things progressed. Judith and Alexander had learnt to come to terms with Dan’s death and they were trying hard to put him off their minds. Judith had lost her husband a year back and Alexander her 17-year-old son was well onto joining the military very soon.

Time passed, Alexander joined the Army and Judith was all alone and used to dread the long hours of loneliness. On one such phone call, she expressed her feelings to Alex who had this brilliant idea of sending a robot to give his mother company.

ASIMO is an advanced humanoid robot developed ...
ASIMO is an advanced humanoid robot developed by Honda. Shown here at Expo 2005. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Soon, Philips the robot became the permanent companion for Judith. She used to get  irritated with it as the robot took too much care of Judith and she was not quite used to this programmed son of hers. Yes, Judith had started to grow attached to the robot.  The days used to start with Philips the robot making a cup of tea for her , and then both used to mow the lawn together, collect fruits from the backyard, and then cook food for both. Both of them? Of course, Judith used to eat the veggies while Philips used to get charged in the socket nearby.

Philips even had a programme to laugh. Judith used to go into peals of laughter when Philip used to have a staccato laugh like Ha, Ha , Ha, Ha. Every time, Philips used to slow down, Judith used to take out his battery and put it back, just in case it had loosened.  In fact, Philips became so smart that when it knew, there was a slack, it used to walk slowly to Judith and stand in front of her. Judith knew what had to be done. She used to slowly open the door and push the battery in and Philip used to spring to action.

Time passed and Judith’s son showed no signs of coming. Judith had got used to it,  and was more affectionate to her new son , Philip. The pang of not seeing her son was always there but now she was happy with her robotic son. One day as Judith sat on her armchair and was resting , Philip was by her side and watching her. Suddenly Judith’s hand fell on to one side. Philips sensed something and went and took her hand and kept it on her chest. It again fell down. Philips realized something had to be done though it did not know Judith was dead.

The robot opened the door on its chest, took out the battery and put it on Judith’s chest. It hoped she would speak, but in a moment, the entire robot came undone as the battery was out.

As the robot too fell into bits and pieces, there was a knock at the door. It was Alexander.

Short stories on Real Life

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