Based on a real life experience…

And as she saw the last of them leaving the room , Sheila wiped the big tear on her swollen face with the dirty handkerchief in her palms. Face swollen due to a full night’s ordeal, a never-ending traumatic phase which no one would ever have thought of treading into.

Her mind raced back to the events of the previous evening and she couldn’t believe that 24 hours could be so long and boundless. She pinched herself and asked herself why oh why did it all start in the first place. Why was it that she could never have any excuse to bring her happiness back again. Even last morning like any other morning she had gone to her fitness centre and promised her instructor she would aim at reducing a further couple of kilos in the next month. Picking up some grocery and titbits for her kids she had reached home by lunchtime in time to give her son a warm hug as he got out of his school bus. With her daughter Arya holding …. her hand tightly Sheila gave her bear hug to Aryan as he climbed out of the bus but what was this…She saw his tear-stained face…the 11yr old’s grubby mud streaks slashing through the tears falling down gave Sheila a rush of motherly protection and even before she could ask Aryan what happened, another kid from behind just rushed past them.. Sheila looked ahead to see who it was and said..with a sigh nodding her head > “Rohan, oh…!” wondering why her neighbour’s kid was in such a hurry.

“it was him momma….’twas him all the time. …” whimpered a shattered Aryan…Sheila now realizing something was amiss asked her son what he was so upset about. As they made their way towards the elevator and saw Rohan’s diminishing figure disappear into the next building, Aryan between tears related how Rohan and he had engaged in an impromptu wrestling tiff and how Rohan ragged Aryan about his inability to put up a good fight….Aryan showed how badly bruised his arms were and how his limbs ached after Rohan had twisted his elbow…

Sheila, a protective mom, obsessed with keeping her kids away from anyone or anything destroying their upbringing was seething from within and she decided to confront Rohan’s parents and finish off this everyday problem once and for all. She had had enough of her kid being bullied about by Rohan.

After a nutritious lunch, Sheila marched upto Rohan’s house and decided to give his mother a piece of her maternal mind. Neighbours around wondered what was it that caused so much noise mid afternoon in their otherwise quite surrounding. Sheila and Neeta, Rohan’s mother had entered into an unwanted dirty verbal spat which manifested itself into an uglier picture when the fathers returned from work..

It is human nature to react to situation adversely when they are not in control. Thus it was that the two men in Rohan and Aryan’s life found themselves in the middle of a battle of ego and power and one thing leading to another the cops had to be called in. The neighbours had had enough of handling their own problems and found it beyond them to be able to put up with personal differences of opinion.

As the police siren rang in, Vikram , Aryan’s father started breaking out into a sweat and he lost his wits when he found himself being led into the police vehicle along with Ranjit, Rohan’s father. The two of them still growling at each other and trying to nurse their wounded egos…left their wives with even greater egos to handle their late evening alone.

Ramanathan wiped the crispy crumb of the “pappadam” …that’s what a papad is called in tamil. …from his mouth and was just settling down to watching a late night movie on the latest in dish satellite television when a roar of noise caught his attention. Looking down from the French windows on his 16th floor apartment, he could see a group of people huddled together, two women separated by a two feet bench standing as if a meteor had struck them and a police van edging out of the main gate. A responsible call on the intercom to the security revealed all that had transpired in the past couple of hours and Ramanathan quickly changed from his crisp “veshti” or dhoti to his formals. Ramanathan had earlier been in a responsible position in the State Administration and he took it upon himself to release the two who had been whisked away by the police on bail.

Late night saw an irritated but responsible Ramanathan, a still seething with fury but sobered Ranjit and Vikram getting out of the blue sedan fondly driven by Ramanathan. After a brief exchange of handshakes and nodding of heads signaling end of a long verbal exchange of words and war, all of them retired to a good night’s sleep and yet another day of grind to follow the next day.

Vikram reached home, kissed Sheila on the forehead, patted Aryan and Arya who were still waiting to see their dad back home, and walked towards the shower. A warm shower, some soup and a late dinner and as he settled down on the settee to allow the events of the evening to seep in, saw Sheila getting ready to go to bed. Fighting his desire to watch television he tucked himself into bed and slept a sleep….a long sleep….which he never came out of…

Sheila woke up to find a Vikram caught in the middle of a severe heart seizure leading to instantaneous death. Death caused due to emotional trauma, death caused due to the ego battering caused due to the police custody, death caused due to the inability to attend to the one and only culprit of this whole situation….ANGER…..

Aryan and Arya….still to understand this remote enemy of humanity…ANGER ….which like an unwanted visitor knocks at our door, and sits plonk in our family room, occupies the washroom but does not flush out our weakness instead strengthens it. Time to wipe out this enemy of mankind permanently from society so that many more Sheilas and Aryans and Aryas could be saved from the sorrow they are in presently

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