The Phone Call

As she finished writing the last word, she put a full stop with a touch of finality and stretched back to look at her laptop. The screen flickered as if to say that it acknowledged what she had written. It was 12 midnight. Everyone had gone to bed, everything seemed silent. Rachel had this problem everyday. When the day was done, she used to feel listless and dry as night was a time she felt people shouldn’t spend sleeping. Night for her was bike rides in the rain and a hot tea under a shanty.

She looked at the phone and wondered it would never ring. Why couldn’t one of her friends call her and chat over interesting issues? She got up and went to the washroom , washed her face and came back. Rachel, a blogger by profession loved writing. Writing was passion for her. Today she was waiting for just one phone call which would take her out of her loneliness. She hated people who slept while talking and just a few minutes back her pal Sid had dozed off.

She started writing and writing at a furious pace. Then the phone rang. She couldn’t believe it. She looked up to see who it was, no it was not her friend. It was a missed call from her sister. Rachel was not in a mood to talk now. Just couple of nights back, her protegé had confessed to being in love with someone  elder to him. He was not sure if he was in love or if he was just missing her, but Rachel was bearing the brunt of his confusion. Rachel had given everything she had to nurture Richard, she had made him what he was today. Although years younger to her, both of them shared a camaraderie and an understanding which only Rachel could understand. Often he would doze off like today, but today was different. Today she wished he called her as she was waiting to see if he really cared for her. Today she had given the ultimatum that he had to get off this female he was mulling over, and move on with life. Kate, was years elder to Richard but had claimed her love for him. Rachel had forbidden Richard from speaking to her as she felt, Richard was entering dark waters. Today, Rachel wanted to hear from him, but as usual he had slept an early night perhaps. Today Rachel had wanted him to take the bus and come home. But he had not planned it well so Richard would not be home this weekend.

“RRRRnng” the phone rang the next morning. It was not the phone. It was the doorbell. As she opened the door, in the wee hours of the morning…there he stood ….Richard , at the door step, and as soon as she saw him, she hugged him and he said ” How in the world could you even think I would not come to see you when you wanted me most?”

Relations are based on faith and trust, Richard and Rachel are just names, but relations are based on true feelings. When a relation breaks, it is the trust that breaks first, and when this breaks, the thread of harmony comes undone in seconds.

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