As she walked away from the school, she looked behind and saw the two of them, playing soccer. She sighed, shook her head with disbelief and went on home. Rachel had just finished school and came back with her friend Richard, when he met Mike and they decided to play soccer on the outfield. All of them were in High School, each of them wanting to attain stars in their life.

The next evening, they met yet once again, and Rachel was full of how she tried to outwit someone at school and how much fun she had. As they were walking down, Mike joined them and they went to the local baker’s shop and had their regular croissants. “I want to make it big”. Mike said in a quiet tone. Mike was always the hushed one , the quieter of the three. Richard was giving him suggestions about what he could do. Rachel just could not figure out why in the world would he want to leave education and start out on something big. According to her, it was not possible.

Time flew, Rachel and Richard went on with their lives. Mike was always Richard’s friend for Rachel never ever could get closer to  him. However, she knew him well and that mattered for the three.

Rachel joined Science with Physics and Chemistry. Richard decided to do a stint with Finance. Mike, she heard from Richard was trying to do his Chartered Accountancy but was really not keen to do it. Later after a year she came to know that he had left academics and had settled down to starting it out on his own.

Rachel got married in the next few years, she had her hands full , busy with things to do and stuff to handle. Soon in the next twenty years, she was a mother of two. Richard had also got married to Diane and had a daughter and lived in Europe.

Rachel’s husband met with an accident and she was having enough to handle and more, as business too suffered. Rachels’ husband  had his own firm for advertisements and designing. Rachel decided to enroll her firm’s name in the local search engine directory Call Us. Call Us was the best company today giving the best services to customers. So Rachel was quite sure , this would be a good bet. It gave her good benefits and her business started taking an uptrend.

One evening, Rachel found a message from Richard on a social site and he was asking for her phone number as he was visiting Miami, where Rachel was settled. Rachel messaged him and soon in a week’s time, Richard called. It was a flow of emotions for both, for childhood friendships are so strong, you pick it up from where you left it.

Lot of camaraderie and fun and they spoke of their long-lost friend who both of them never knew where she disappeared. They spoke of their teachers at school, they spoke of everything. Then Richard spoke of Mike and said “Well he got what he wanted.”

Rachel said “So finally did he finish his chartered accountancy?”

Richard said , “NO , he started his own company.  Do you know which?

Rachel said ” No, which one?”

Richard said “Call Us” the search engine phone company.

Rachel fell off the stool she was sitting on in surprise and shock.

Moral of the story, if there is a will there is a way.


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