A bouquet of roses

As they sat in the aisle of the college they saw Nat bringing in a bundle of roses. It was Valentine’s Day and the day of expressing your love for the one you always wanted to know about it. College was fun during Valentines. In spite of the social rights people hollering down not to celebrate Valentines  love has its own way and no boy or girl would take a no for celebrating such a lovely rosy day.

Natt crossed them and smiled and moved on. Kay said “Ah these guys how I hate them.! All they know is to run after girls and woo them. Ayn looked at Nat’s receding figure and wryly agreed. “Why waste a bundle of roses for someone who is not even going to be a part of your life?” mumbled Kay and sheafed through her pile of assignment papers. Kay had to travel a long distance to reach college and she was quite tired today as the public transport also had not co-operated well and so she was in a mental mess.

Ayn took her satchel and went up to the landing and shouted a hurried good-bye to Kay went on with work, searching and mumbling. “some others do have them ” she said to herself.Now look at Nat, he had all the girls running behind him in circles. Everything about dhim was good. He got good grades in the class,  played the guitar so well, and had a suave,sophisticated look which earned him lot of clucks and sighs!

Kay a well-disciplined person and Nat’s classmate was really upset that Nat should be giving roses to so many girls. She just decided she would not resort to such hypocritical means all the same. She proceeded towards the conference hall where they were called for a small felicitation. AS Kay entered the hall there was a sound booming down the mike. “Oh Christ! Mr. Saunders!” she cried in a whisper. Mr Saunders was the Dean of the college and would never leave the mike during the programmes he used to preside on. The moment Kay say Mr. Saunders on the mike she knew she had the time to take a small bite on a sandwich in the cafeteria. Kay was gone and she came back in a jiffy.

” And now a special word of thanks….” continued Saunders’ voice. “Oh no!” Thought Karen now it would take longer. ” to Nathaniel Anderson”…the voice went on.

Kay was bored and dozing off when the word ” Nathaniel Anderson” came ringing into her ears. Nathaniel ? Nat? why was he being thanked for? Kay got up to see Nat walk up the steps and take a small gift walking back.

“During a time, when youngsters usually waste time and money pleasing each other for Valentine’s Day here is a lad who has proven that there is a lot of joy in giving. ” Kay thought she was dreaming. “Nat has brought a bunch of roses to be given to the elderly sitting here from the home for the aged. Nat has been thoughtful enough to give a rose to every student who would go and meet these elderly seated here and offer them this flower of love. ”

Kay couldn’t believe here ears and as she walked back to the library, she muttered to herself…..” he could have told me the roses were for the grannies.At least I could have avoided getting him all wrong.” !

Often our actions are misinterpreted by others. Here Ayn and Kay thought that Nat was the biggest flirt on earth with so many roses to dole out on Valentine’s Day not quite realizing that he too could be a soul with a heart.

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