Encounters Of A Different Kind

Español: Taxi en Bogota
Español: Taxi en Bogota (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As I sat in the taxi, I just had a thousand thoughts racing in my head. The taxi driver was taking a long time to start. I asked him “What happened?” He just turned back, told me that his mother was sick, and admitted in the hospital. He had received a call from them but was not able to pick it up as he was driving. He was trying to contact his family. After two or three efforts, he stopped dialing and resumed driving the taxi.

He again received a call in between and stopped the taxi  but the call got disconnected. Network down. After some moments, I asked him to halt to complete a couple or two errands of mine. As I came back and got into the taxi, I saw him on the phone. After he hung up, I enquired on the health of his mother. He said:” She is fine now.” They will be taking out the rod at six in the evening.”

I told him it must be costing him a fortune to get his mother admitted and getting a major surgery like fitting a rod and taking out another in the leg. He said “M’am she is my mother. If I do not take care of her, who will. Money comes and money comes, but not mother.” I was struck by the singular simple approach of this not so financially sound taxi driver, or so we assume.

I took my thoughts back to the shoe shop I had visited some couple of weeks back. The person at the cash counter knows me, as I have purchased shoes for the kids since the past 10 years. My son was very fussy about what he was choosing to wear. I was getting irritated. The man said, “M’am, he is young, wait till they get old and start earning. Then everything changes.”

I looked at him quizzically and he said, his son was now earning, so one day he asked his son to pay the electric bill. The son took the bill and asked for money. The man asked the son to pay. The son asked: Dad, you don’t have money even to pay for the electric bill?”

Contrasting lifestyles contrasting thoughts. The taxi driver might not be as rich as the shoe shop owner but is ready to lay his life for his parent. The person in question who refused to pay the bill is on a  strata that is more affluent but is unwilling to shell out money for the bill.

Just penny for my thoughts. What is your say?

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