Dance Of Destiny

English: Cambridge University Library
English: Cambridge University Library (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

And as her lips reached his, she realized that once again it was time for her journey to eternity and eternal bliss.She held Robert closely to her and gasped at the sheer passionate grip that Robert had over her. She saw him with his eyes closed and her mind raced back to some months back….

Rachel was a professor at the University of Cambridge and was all of a mix of energy, zeal, zest and a reason to be. Yet there was this pang of sadness in her eyes and one could see the misty eyed dreamy look that oft appeared on her face. Today as she gathered her books for yet another tiring French session with the kids she set her hair right, looked at herself in the wash room and walked out confidently towards the classroom.

“ Good morning M’am..” chorused the 19 year olds together.

“ Good morning everybody” said Rachel cheerfully. “ So today we start with the Dictee and then we will have to brush up on Passe Compose…But I would like to give you my assignment for today …”So saying she distributed it in the class and her eyes fell upon a new student…” What’s your good name..? “ queried Rachel.

“ Robert …Robert Pullingworth, M’am..”: replied the lanky slightly tanned innocent looking lad. His deep-set eyes and his wavy black hair only added to his wide-eyed innocence. Rachel noticed that he had dimples as he smiled and felt a kind of protective instinct for him and was a little surprised at this.

“ New..? First timer..? have you learnt French before…?” asked Rachel with her eyebrows raised and managing to put on her best firm look.

“ Yep…Haven t had the chance or the need to…”: quipped back Robert with an impish smile and realised how fate quotes requirements sometimes…As he smiled Rachel could feel a hundred muscles dancing on his face. His firmly set white teeth seemed to ripple in the river of his smile.

“ Well, ……we would have to give it a try…but just try to figure this out “ said Rachel handing over his assignment…..

“ Something about this boy….” Thought Rachel and sat on her chair waiting for the class to get over…

“Trrrrrrrrrring….” The shrill bell shook Rachel out of her dreams and she collected the papers and went back to her locker room…..

Robert was a student pursuing his Masters in Computers…He had his education in India as his parents were settled in India. He had come to London purely because he got admission in the college he wanted. Though his entire Bachelor’s course had been a disaster with a lot of failed attempts and setbacks, now he was on his path to success and he was happy about it.Fate quotes life at times doesn’t it?

Susan his dream woman had anyway decided on a life of her own and Robert realized that no amount of persuasion was going to make him go back to her. Even after finding her on Facebook Robert decided against getting in touch with her as his education was topmost on his mind.

The following morning saw Robert enter the Locker room to meet Rachel as he really had to admit he had never learnt French before so could she give him some extra classes. The University required the students to learn a Foreign Language to gain lineage over academic achievements. Robert needed it desperately as he had to prove his language learning skills in a short span of a semester.

“ Ahem…er…err…uh. Hum…”

Rachel looked up from her pile of assignments and once again felt the rush of blood as she saw the lanky lad of yesterday looking at her with those very dark eyes which had repeatedly haunted her in her dreams last night…

“ Do you listen to music…” blurted out Rachel quite inadvertently. …

“ OH yes…! “ exclaimed Robert….Rachel saw that the talk of music brought out the best in this unsure looking but handsome lad…

“ What kind of music do you prefer…” trailed off Rachel’s voice and when the conversation got over…both of them realized that a good three hours had passed….

So set the ball of camaraderie between these two rolling. Rachel and Robert never ever felt that there was a wide gap of years between them. They actually were very comfortable in each other’s presence and started looking for chanced meetings and discussions.Gradually their friendship blossomed into one of patronage and very soon Rachel found in Robert a good friend…

But by the quirk of fate, Rachel realized slowly and steadily that Robert was the man of her dreams. Robert was who she had been looking for…Robert was the one she was waiting for.One day Rachel decided to spell out her innermost desires, feelings and emotions to Robert. After listening to what she had to say Robert only had a no as a reply. He said he could never ever fulfill her desires as he could never hurt her and could never go through the guilt of giving her something which had to end soon anyway.

That was year ago. Today Robert and Rachel know every nook and corner of each other’s body. They love as if they were meant for each other. Roberts tender loving care sets Rachel’s heart racing Roberts’ slow but steady passion combined with Rachel’s hyper state of mind is like fire and water. Rachel can never get over Robert. Rachel aches for Roberts every moment of her life….His calm, steady approach to bringing her to the throes of passion, sets Rachel’s mind reeling and she waits for the time she could spend with him all alone.

Those moment of togetherness, are the only source of solace to Rachel…after her husband’s death and all the painful experiences she had gone through…Robert was her only source of comfort…

As Rachel says to herself…”But how long…how much…and how many more moments ? thinks Rachel…to herself….

But she goes to sleep every night thinking ….And miles to go ….before we sleep…………forever… as Rachel much as she wants to can never ever commit herself to Robert as she is in her last stages of blood cancer and has only days left to leave this world…

Fate quotes life sometimes…….Life…live it…it’s a gift….Love…experience it…it’s a wrapping

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