Fatal Attraction

English: Greenie 7.1L Slovenčina: Greenie 7.1L
English: Greenie 7.1L Slovenčina: Greenie 7.1L (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Greenie spread her arms wide and stretched herself as she did every morning. She kissed her beloved, bowed down and peered through her eyes. The sparrows were twittering and the squirrels were scurrying about. Greenie continued with her early morning chores of giving her body a good healthy exercise by swaying to the left and then to the right. She did this everyday, so that the entire body could get rejuvenated. Then she basked in the sun, for all the nourishment she could get, all set to carry on with her day.

Greenie and her beloved Blueton lived in a beautiful paradise and had named their home “planterius”. They had everything lovers could have, a good home, love, happiness and lovely children playing around them. They had no children of their own, they allowed all the children to play in their garden.

As she drank water, she realized how important it is to start the day with water. She whispered to her beloved “ Oh how beautiful the day looks when it is filled with the sound of birds and when you are so fair and handsome!”  Blueton, her beloved benevolently smiled at her. They held hands and decided to show to the world, how love could win over everything.

Greenie prepared food for all and loved to see the green leaves dancing around through her kitchen. Everything seems so perfect, she thought. She continued with her daily rounds and as evening fell, she was quite tired and so was Blueton, who had turned dark now with the day’s fatigue. They held hands together, Blueton in Greenie’s bosom and fell asleep.

Greenie and Blueton continued to live thus, with companionship and understanding, with give and take providing the rest of the world with a sense of satisfaction and contentment. None could beat the bonding of this couple and soon they became a necessity in every get together.

Time passed and alone morning dawned as any other day, but Greenie was in for a shock. As she stretched her arms, she noticed that there was a notice outside her house. “We will kill you,” It said.

Greenie’s heart pounded hard, she wept and wondered who would want to kill her and Blueton and why. Both of them were living so happily and they had been living so, since so many years. How could they have brought ill will with anyone? They had fed so many played with so many, and given joy and happiness to so many. They had no children, yet they bore the fruits of wisdom as they embraced the world as their children. Who would want to harm such poor innocent souls?

Greenie shrugged off the feeling and decided to sunbathe. As noon set in, and Greenie had finished preparing food in the morning, and had sunbathed, “Thud!” she heard a noise and before she could make out, felt a sharp blow on her forehead.

Greenie, poor Greenie, poor innocent Greenie, hardly knew what struck her. She felt her limbs being ripped apart and she felt someone undressing her. “No!” her mind screamed, and she tried to get up, but she was too weak, something very heavy was lying on her limbs. Greenie could hardly cry out, only she could see Blueton looking on helplessly. Rip, rip, rip they went, tearing off her protective clothing, without any consideration.

“Help!” Greenie cried feebly, “Help, will no one hear me?” thought Greenie.

“What do you think you are doing?” a voice boomed from the background. Greenie looked up, and was thankful someone had heard her finally and heaved a sigh of relief, even if she had been completely raped. She saw Rochelle and Richard coming down and pulling them away. She could not see who they were, she could only find that her house had been brought down to dust and she was unable to move. Blueton was looking on from a distance, unable to do anything, as he too was old and helpless.

“How could they do this > “wept Rochelle, and looked at the notice on the tree. “ To be cut by order.” Rochelle took Greenie’s pieces of branches and the huge trunk they had cut aside and could do nothing about it.

Greenie is a huge tree on a beautiful land behind a house in a remote corner of the world. Blueton is the benevolent sky bearing down upon us.

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