The Vacuum – I Feel It So

ImageAs I entered the driveway to my house, I had three bags in my hand, but somehow managed to get into the lift and reached home. “Home sweet Home” I had thought in the lift, “Now i would keep the bags, heavy ones, and settle on my sofa, I thought and look out into the cool green ambience and relax.

I gathered my bags, reached home, and sat down on the settee by the window. I made myself a glass of fresh lime juice, before this and as I reached the sofa, humming my favourite tune, took the television remote and was really very happy .

I sat down, and as i started sipping the lime juice, I felt the vacuum. I felt the emptiness, the vast space outside my window. I saw the mountain in the background, the beautiful trees in the far distance, the construction site just opposite my window, the concrete jungle, the brown expanse, and the silent humming of a distant machine outside.

It hit me then. Oh my god! I thought, the tree……..It was not there. It is very sad, I am reliving each moment of the tree. People might find me emotional, crazy and a sentimental fool. In fact, my daughter was saying how could I cry so much as if someone close to me has died. Yes, someone very close to me is no more. The tree was like a mother to me, protecting my fears, sharing my emotions, a silent spectator to all my emotions. Spanning my living room and my kitchen, it was always there for me, looking on , watching on, like my mother and egging me on as if to say ” Don’t worry I am there.”

As she fell yesterday, a huge fall, it was, I couldn’t see it, I could not tell her “Don’t worry , I am there.”


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