Good Night And Adieu

As he adjusted his hair, for his final interview, he had only one word on his lips ” Roxanne”. She was the only one, who had brought him to this level of success in life. He still remembered, the powerful strokes that she had to make to make the painting of his life so beautiful.

Five years back, he was struggling to meet the daily demands of being a student and being a good human being. It was then that Roxanne entered his life, filled with a renewed sense of spirit, enthusiasm and a reason to live. She reorganized his mess very well and took over all the important decisions he had to take. Soon enough, he was well on the path to success. Every morning she used to wake him up, inspire him to go on those long bouts of jogging and then set the routine for his day which gave him all the reasons to be overly dependent on her. Every night they used to chat hours on end, on subjects varying from poetry, to theater, finance to politics, sports to photography. The list was endless. Time was when, he could not sleep without talking to her, and she on her part had to take off time, each time he demanded.

Time flew and this routine did not stop. It went on, and she had quite got comfortable with him, the phone calls and her family life. He was the child she never had, and she doted on him with the love of a long-lost mother. Every night she had to hear his good night to get a good night’s sleep.

There were innumerable nights,when she used to speak to him and finally used to get a snore from the other end. He had dropped off to sleep. She used to pardon him, though it was quite frustrating for her. Invariably he fell asleep , most of the time, when she wanted to pour out her heart. Soon long enough, his birthday came along. She was very excited about his birthday and gathered all his friends to wish him at 12 in the night. Everyone was ready by the phone to holler down it a happy birthday message. trrrrng….the phone rang ….at his end…trrrrng….it rang….trrrrng….it went on,……he didn’t pick up. He had gone to sleep……Never mind she said, with the tone of a patron, it is alright, she apologized to his friends, and clucked her way to sympathy.

Today, as she wiped a tear from her eye, she looked at the time. 1.30 in the night. She needed to speak to him as usual…..she called him….trrrrrng……Oh so you thought it was a snore …she heard?? No! His line was busy. He was speaking to someone…….and not sleeping. ! He had got a new muse, he was so fed up of being with Roxanne, that this new muse no matter how she was, surely was more interesting….interesting enough to keep him awake……

She hung up, wiped another tear from her eye, and went on to sleep.

Time and tide wait for none…..but old habits die hard….She waited for his good night……

The next morning, as the sun rose, and the early mail van arrived , they saw a lady lying at the door of the house.

“She is dead!  they said…..”What is this?’ They looked at a paper in her hand…..”Good night ” it said……

Life is like that. Do not waste a moment to express love to those who truly love you. Do not waste time on temporary attractions as you would miss out on those strong permanent bonding in your life.

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