Sorry, Little Sarah
Sorry, Little Sarah (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Henry adjusted his tie and took a last look at himself in the mirror and feeling a little more confident than usual stepped out into the street. He ran across the road and gasping and panting reached the bus stop in time to get into the 8.00 a.m bus. Muttering under his breath at his lack of time management he looked a picture of perfection and poise though it was a cauldron ready to pour over within….He looked at his cell phone and tapped it twice or thrice… “Still no message or call from her….” he told himself. He looked at the cell again as if looking at it again would give him his much awaited call. “Why the heck does she do this to me always..?” thought Henry and looked at the line of school children walking up the school driveway. “Wish I was like them “he thought to himself and wondered why in the heaven he was addicted to Sarah…

Sarah Johnson…a scatterbrained busy looking nitwit….Sarah the gregarious, yet assertive, loud yet passionate, blunt yet caring brunette who Henry had a love hate relation with. Henry would lay all his life to the person who would explain the mystery behind the affinity that he and Sarah shared…the relation they had between them,…Sarah the eternal friend, the passionate love, the caring mom, the kind pal….but this touch me not flower in Henry’s life blotted other girls from his mind.

Henry, calm, poised, cool, calculated…with his soft demeanor and mild approach was easily a woman’s perfect date. Henry with his slow mannerisms and thoughtful feedback won all females over with quick, black humour. With a disposition that could set Eve at ease and an attitude which would give Adam a run for his name…Henry was the ultimate friend, companion and guide for a girl and it would only be a foolish girl who would turn down an offer to be his pal.

Yet when Sarah and Henry came into each other’s lives it took them an eternity to understand the depth of their relation, the warmth between them and the passion emblazoned within them. It took all of Henry’s might to accept Sarah’s subtle gestures towards a relationship and he was always unsure of where their relation was taking him. Sarah…a single mother of Edward…Sarah the universal friend …Sarah the person had seeped into his life and occupied a large place in his heart…Yet he knew she could never be his. He knew she belonged elsewhere. He knew it was a dead end as far as their relation was concerned.

When Sarah came to know about his feelings…she decided to give him a break and stopped occupying his day, time and mind…She stopped calling him and called only if he did…Thus it was that Henry was periodically checking his phone for her calls…

He sighed and reached out for his pocket, picked his phone and dialed speed dial 3….”tis me…” he said…as Sarah picked up the call.

“So?” Sarah said in her typical husky voice..Henry felt a chill ‘cos he knew Sarah’s “so” was the beginning of another long drawn emotional argument…Yet the stillness of her voice and the calmness with which she spoke put him a little at ease and he said..”So what?”

“So what’s up >?” she asked…

“Well, nothing much…Am a little homesick…am thinking of going back home for the weekend..”“I normally think of home when I have lost confidence. or when someone really close to me has hurt me.” said Sarah. with an air of maturity… “So, what’s bothering you..?”

Well…er…nothing…said Henry hesitatingly. knowing very well his shaky voice would give him away…He wanted to ask her why she hadn’t called as usual, why she was behaving so aloof, why she was breaking away from him, why was she doing this to him…But he held himself back. It wasn’t Henry to say these things…Henry would rather keep his stoic, calm front under his seething desire to ask her all this…

“I dunno…” mumbled Henry..Has someone hurt you? Has someone hurt your self respect..?” queried Sarah as usual,probing into his deeper self.

“Nnno…I don’t think so..” Henry replied…very wary that Sarah would find out that he was upset because she wasn’t calling him like before, she wasn’t molly cuddling him like always and she hadn’t pestered him like everyday.

“Is it me? Have I done something to you..?” asked Sarah quite confidently , the confidence in her voice almost made the question sound like a death sentence..

“I don’t know, maybe…” Henry said with a tinge of relief that she had finally hit the spot. A wave of relief went through Henry as he realized the worst was over. So Sarah was finally taking over. So now she would deal with his problem, dissect it and make things easy for him as always…Now he could look for his girl while Sarah managed his stuff…”Phew!” he thought…

“So?”…queried Sarah..“Shit…why does she have to have that ‘so’ always. I hate it…” Henry told himself….

“If I call you have a problem that people would think you are hooked…if I don’t call you have a problem…So do I call or not…?”Henry retorted… “I never said I have a problem if you call….tis only that sometimes you go on and on…and I am busy at that time…”. Sarah said… ‘I give you two options…Option A…I love you forever…Option B…I treat you like an ordinary friend… Which do you chose…?”

Henry. said… “Option A”…..

Love has no limitations, no boundaries and no age…Love doesn’t know to differentiate black from white…love only knows one language…oneness, truth and openness. Henry and Sarah…are the innumerable people in this world who necessarily may not co-exist due to their love, but definitely live in each other’s hearts always and for ever.

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