And Then There Were None

Sophie Really Needs To Learn How To Count ....
Sophie Really Needs To Learn How To Count …. (Photo credit: meg_nicol)


And as he felt her hand…nice and warm and clasped it between his fingers…he lightly raised it towards his face and let his lips do all the talking….he kissed her …a kiss of passion, of care, of showing how much he had missed her….he lightly held her cheek against his face…and watched her as she slept a sleep….a sleep of slumbering stillness…..he watched her beautiful face twitching slightly as he kissed her cheek…..


Richard had been talking all night to Sophie…a night he would never forget …a night which he would definitely like to etch out as the landmark of his life…they had met after two years…Two years of ifs and buts, two years of no’s and why’s ….two years of wanting to know the end of the story they had started writing when they were in High School together…..


Cut to HIgh School….when Richard was a young lad…of sixteen years raring to jump into the well of life….with full enthusiasm and energy….and there was Sophie the ever bubbly effervescent adolescent with a guitar in her hand and wanting to be a part of the mystery called life….Richard and Sophie bumped into each other the first day of High School and soon it was that they were together in anything they laid their hand upon….They had a small group ..of friends all newcomers to the High School …


Soon enough Richard began to experience what is called the sixteen year old love…and was happily living life when suddenly he found Sophie to be a step behind him…and gradually she drifted towards another person in the group….NOt that Richard really had confessed to her his truest feelings…So he let it go and soon Sophie and Richard were friends again…the in between affair a forgotten past….What made Sophie drift away …what made her come back….was not what Richard anyway wanted to decipher…he had so much to live for …so much to do…..together with Sophie….


Time passed and soon it was time for Sophie and Richard to graduate from High School to University and they found themselves thrown into two different directions….While Richard pursued Creative Science..Sophie had to go down South to pursue her choice of LIberal Arts


The incessant talks on phone, the long distance promises and the short memory span of the human brain in a relation all were contributing factors for the inevitable to happen….Richrd came to know from his friends that Sophie was going steady with someone else. .All his friends were shocked to hear this and slowly it dawned on everybody that Sophie had quick-witted him and was herself  in another relation…..


A relation where Sophie later told Richard that she was unable to avoid, and for which Richard had to pay this heavy price!


It took four academic years with innumerable failures , lot of semester disasters and tons of academic setbacks for Richard to get over his intense relation with Sophie…..He suffered from a major intestinal problem ….caused due to stress the doctors said…and had to really rely on his inner strength to get back to life…..”It will n’er be her…” he decided and was happy with his personal passion of music, books, surfing the internet and of course friends….


Guess God doesn’t give it to ’em easy….’cos just as Richard was settling down with his new found interests came his admission for his Masters into the same University….Sophie was in….Yet this did not deter Richard as he had come to terms with his feelings for her …and had convinced himself that whatever it be it was going to be only a friendship and nothing else as before….


As destiny would have Richard had to have a stay over at Sophie’;s house as this was the best possible bet….


Back to the present where the story started…..this was the night that …….Richard never thought would happen….And when he had asked her about it she said she didn’t realise it as she was sleeping….


The morning after Richard left ….as his friend called to confirm they had a room vacant…..The night a forgotten story , the moments of passion as experienced by Richard maybe a mistake…?? At least that;s what Richard thought as a week passed and there wasn’t any call from Sophie…only an intermittent call Richard made to pass on his new phone number….


A week later Sophie called upon Richard at his College…met him for an hour and then rushed after a phone call …..Some time later Sophie’s mother called Richard to enquire on him…and also asked if Sophie had left…Richard knowing she had left long time back said she had left just then…..Richard called Sophie who disconnected his call….and later on called after quarter of an hour and said she was at the gym.


Questions racing in Richard’s mind…..would a friend leave a rendez-vous…just to go to a gym….? Would a friend cut a call just ‘cos she is in a gym…?? Why would she not tell her mother she was in the gym…?? Why ever did I touch her…??


And as the sun set Richard heard this tune hum..within his head….


……And then there were none….for love lost is n’er for one…




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