And Then There Were None Part II

English: cell phone
English: cell phone (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

And for love there n’er was one..”….Somehow the song seemed to linger in Richard’s mind..and he never ever realized when he had started singing it and when it became etched in his mind….

“Beep Beep…” the cell phone…beeped…Richard looked up from the call he was on…and put the caller on hold and reverted back to see who the message was from…Sophie..

“Man..” he thought…and what had she messaged him..? That at least for old times’ sake he could call…Now why..? Now why should she ask him to call her up. Where were those days when he had always wanted to talk to her..and she had put up the thin screen of silence between them…

Richard composed himself from the immediate surge of emotions and continued the phone call he was on…He was talking to his mentor, soul mate, companion and maybe caretaker…..Rachel…As he continued his conversation and was listening to Rachel’s incessant chatter from the other side, Richard smiled to himself and wondered why destiny played games with people. Here was Rachel all ready to give what he wanted, do what he needed, and think what he had to….But she wasn’t and obviously couldn’t be his girl…’cos Rachel was his colleague…his acquaintance in his environmental endeavors…and she was like a mother figure to him…And there was Sophie..who he was ready to give everything to, do what she needed and listen to what she had to say…but was she even interested to be his girl…?

With such thoughts racing across his mind, it was obvious Richard jolted from the shrill tone at the other end of the phone…RACHEL…:He just mumbled a sorry…and then settled down because he knew Rachel would give him a torrent of abuses and tell him how to get things straight in life and not lose focus etc etc etc…A couple of minutes later, when she was done with..Rachel asked, “ Richard, what’s up…? Why aren’t you saying anything..? Gee..whiz ..wish I hadn’t said so much…You k now I didn’t want to just was…”

Before Rachel could get into another verbal marathon Richard said, “ Sophie has messaged me that I should keep in touch with her at least for old times sake”.

Rachel said with a sigh.. “ Ya, you should..She has stood by you always, she has been such a great source of support for you..hasn’t she..?” Richard unable to bear the tinge of sarcasm in Rachel’s voice snapped back “Where did I even mean all that..? You don’t have to be so perky and snappy alright..?”

“Now who on earth would believe me if I say I only meant to bring back your murky past relationship…and knock some sense in your head..?“Trrrrrrin…” …went the bell…Richard said a hurried bye toRachel as he entered the computer lab to get working with his review on a survey they had done on a city earlier in the day..

Richard was lolling in his sleep and snoring away when suddenly he woke up in the middle of the night ..all sweating and grimy…He searched for his alarm clock and peered through his cell phone light ..1’0 clock..gaped back the digits at him.. Quite unconsciously he started dialing Sophie’s number…

“Hello”. …came Sophie’s sleepy voice at the other end.

“Ya, it’s me..How are you..? Thought I would catch up..”

“But I cannot talk as Mom and Dad might not really find it a wise thing.”

Richard said that it shouldn’t be a problem as he could always talk to them and say he wanted to talk to Sophie.

“But no, I can talk to you in the day..what say?” quipped Sophie..

Somewhere along Richard wondered if he had spent the night at her place, talking to her all night what would be the problem if they talk on the phone at 1 in the night..Anyway snubbed by her impersonal response and piled on with the question she asked as to didn’t she deserve a call at all set Richard’s mind thinking… “But I did call…and now what..”

The next day dawned and Richard expected a call from Sophie…expecting an explanation, an apology maybe or at least a mere hi…

A day passed, two days and a week…there was no call…

Richard reverted back to his. favourite tune…which was etched now as his signature tune.. “and then there were none…For love, there ne’er was one…”

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