Basic Instinct

As she felt the rain drenching her face, there was a new found relief that she felt, a feeling of washing away all the insecurities, fears and prejudices. It was a feeling that she had never felt in so many days…..

Rachel was drenched head to toe, she had no slippers on, she was trying to get a public taxi, but she could not, she just was getting

English: Ramat Rachel Hotel - statue by David ...
English: Ramat Rachel Hotel – statue by David Polus עברית: מלון רמת רחל – פסלו של דוד פולוס (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

irritated at the cab drivers, yet she felt a resurgence never felt before.

Rachel, a mother of two, had a lot to take care of. Her husband was just out of an illness, and needed attention, her teenage children were giving her challenges as a parent and her son  was already in the stage of life, when girls should be dating him and he was getting no one. Rachel , the protective mother hen, loved her children like no one could and was the best friend to all who knew her. Rachel was trying to come to terms with convincing her son not to take drugs, not to have open sex, not to enter into relations which have no future, yet her son was feeling Rachel was ruling his life, his emotions. After innumerable arguments and explanations Rachel felt she should give her son a fair chance of learning by his own mistakes. All this was taking a toll on her. She wanted to be free….feel free ….fly free…away from all this, away from responsibilities.

As she said, ” it is difficult to see a child falling into a pit yet behaving as if there is no pit at all.”

Rachel had this constant feeling of strangulation,  when she was a mother, a wife, a friend and she wanted to be away from all this. Today was Rachel’s son’s assessment test. She wanted to supervise his work, and as she had settled down on the settee to check his work, there was a call from her friend, a radio jockey. Rachel had won a prize in a radio contest and was being called for a tete a tete in the afternoon on air. Rachel wanted to go, but declined as duty called as a mother. She had already refused a pyjama party with her friends Kate and Anne, and had not said yes for a movie out with her friends. All she wanted to do was supervise her son’s work so that he gets good grades.

The bell rang, Rachel opened the door. Susan, her next door neighbour had come to take the number of the ambulance service. Rachel came to know that Susan’s eighty year old mother had suddenly taken ill, had edema on her feet and was getting breathless. Rachel gave the number and thought of continuing with her son’s work. Yet, she went across to Susan’s house to ask if they needed any help. The old woman was on a wheelchair, gasping , panting for breath and the ambulance came over soon. As they took the woman inside, Rachel could not help getting into the ambulance. Neither did she have her phone nor had she worn her slippers, yet she went. As they entered the hospital, Rachel went about helping the family and in an hour’s time she got the lady admitted. Susan offered to drop her back , but Rachel refused. She said their presence in the hospital was more important. The assessment test , Rachel believed would take care of itself.

As Rachel stepped out of the hospital, it rained and that is the reason she got drenched. But the help that she gave Susan’s family , gave Rachel so much satisfaction, that all the negative feelings she had, the discontentment ,the lack of expectation, just ebbed away into oblivion. Rachel felt, selfless service is the best she could do to make her life beautiful. The rest seemed mundane.


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