Cleaning Disabilities

English: A plastic bottle with trigger sprayer...
English: A plastic bottle with trigger sprayer to represent household cleaning chemicals. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As she gathered the dust on the floor, she looked back with pleasure at her work. Ria had just finished one round of cleaning her house and she was on to her other chores, waiting for the cleaning apprentice to come.

Ria had always taken the help of the local cleaners to provide her with some one who would help her to clean the entire house in a day. She used to pay them on an hourly basis and was quite happy with the arrangement. This time too, she was waiting for one of the men to come so that she could continue with her cleaning, and soon enough he arrived.

A stout boy of medium height clad in jeans and a tee. Ria instructed him and told him what he had to do and asked if he had to change over to an overall or some working clothes. The boy declined saying he was comfortable the way he was. Ria found him a little extra assertive for a cleaner and mentioned this to her aunt who had called her just then. The aunt and the niece had a mutual understanding that all cleaners are this way and Ria instructed the boy with further work. Aunt told Ria that they feel they are ruling the roost as they earn and have no better work but this kind of cleaning to do et al.

It was a tiring day and Ria was really tired. Even though, the boy was not very professional at his work, yet he did whatever she asked him to do. Lunch time was over something ordered from the local eaterie and then it was again mops,brooms and dirty linen. Ria was all the time, also helping her son Steve with his assignments on Science and Math. Steve would read out a paragraph and Ria would ask him questions. This continued full afternoon with the boy working in front of them, and the assignments happening and Ria also working at other things. Ria was still a little dissatisfied with the boy’s work and kept mutttering to herself, “These boys think no end of themselves. Neither do they attend school, nor do they work well.”

Towards evening, Mandy the guy who had brought in this boy came over and Ria welcomed him with a big smile. Ria knew Mandy for more than fifteen years and had always relied on him for such work. Ria made a cup of coffee for Mandy and appreciated the work done by the boy during the day.

Mandy said “Yes M’am, he is my son. He has just passed his HIgh School successfully with a distinction!”

Ria stood there dumbfounded.

Life is like this. What we perceive might not be reality. What we feel is reality might not be life. Yet we move on, as if we never were aware of this, we continue as if we are in oblivion. There are hundreds of boys and girls today, who are striving to make a mark and it is these Rias who underestimate them and later on realize their folly.

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