My Fair Lady

Showy Lady Slippers

“Has she arrived?” my husband queried with a lot of interest. I was very busy with the regular morning chore.”No, she hasn’t..” I said with a sigh. I was quite upset that my husband was also frantically waiting for her. I have to go through this every morning. Wait for her and she never ever arrives on time and my husband gets upset. I wonder always why she comes late when she actually has to be at our door by 6.30 in the morning just moments before my husband leaves for work. And if she doesn’t arrive, there is so much pandemonium, I call her boss and then ask him to send her instantly. I have to tell him to reach her at the garage where my husband would be interchanging the two cars he owns. then I have to call up my husband and ask if he is satisfied with her. My Fair Ladynever ceases to please him. And then of course the fact that we share her. Both of us want her so he sends a part of her after scouring her main assets. I enjoy an relish her as my breakfast.
Yes, the pleasures of the morning ambience with birds twittering in the huge tree overlooking my window and to savour her. That’s ecstasy and orgasm for me. My fair lady  allows me to size her up and down and then after I am done with her , she waits for the next interested in line.
Each morning I go through this and every day it has become a rigmarole, to check if she has arrived at the door, and then to search for her and finally to land on my lap. Yes, I really don’t mind My Fair Lady – our daily newspaper, don’t mind sharing her with my husband and really mind if she doesn’t arrive on time. The newspaper fellow , her boss goes through all the stress every morning if he doesn’t deliver her on time and caters to our incessant requests.

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