Boxing Day

The Auto rickshaw driverShe felt the cool rain water dripping from the sides of the umbrella, two bags in tow and munching on the fresh lychees, she had just purchased. She crossed over and saw the auto rickshaw fellow moving into the line.

“The Square,” she said and hopped in. On the way, she asked the auto rickshaw driver to halt for a few minutes at a local book store to check on a book. She went to the shop, the book was not there. Rhea was talking to her friend on the phone and as she got down the kerb, something hard hit her. Instantly she saw her toe swelling and she knew she could be heading for a hairline fracture. She got into the rickshaw and continued talking on the phone.

When the call got over, the driver told her, it might just be a small injury and asked her not to worry. Rhea lamented how she had to get the book and blamed the system of education in India. The autorickshaw fellow told her that he too was very upset with the entire system. He said that he had passed High School and then decided to do this to earn a living. He wanted to be independent so he bought an autorickshaw and was a driver since then. He said he had two daughters, and they went to a local school, the costs of sending a child to school was so high

He said that he was a graduate and added that he had to ensure his children come up well. As her house drew near, Rhea adjusted her bags, and was stumped by the driver’s next statement.

“I want to make my daughter a boxer, like Mary Komm”….”Whoops ” said Roxanne. That is so enterprising.

The auto driver said he had two daughters and he wanted them to do something, such that the whole world sits up and notices.

Rhea looked at her fractured feet and felt this was just nothing compared to the elation she had in hearing about the driver’s ambitions.

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