The Man, The Gas, The Story

Gas stove Deutsch: Gasherd mit eingeschalteter...

“Well, the burner does not work”. Richard said this with a sigh as Rachel heard it on the other end. Richard kept the receiver a little away from his ears. He knew Rachel would go into a torrent of why he should have repaired it and how it should have been done on time. How in the world could he live without a proper gas burner and this is the reason she never had any faith on him. It went on and Richard kept the phone down, made himself a cup of tea, and picked up the phone only to hear Rachel completing the last sentence of her ranting.

“I would do it, Rachel, I would, I would get it repaired” Richard said with a tone of finality. Richard had just moved into his new apartment with his friend Robert and everything was fine only the gas stove never worked well for them. It had been nine months since they had moved in and though there were innumerable instances of trying to get it done, the gas stove never did come around for an overhaul.

The house was good, a little old, but comfortable and Richard and Robert had many friends coming over for the midnight parties, the booze sessions, the incessant periods of banter and fun. All done but the gas stove a mute spectator to the entire thing. It could only as much allow them to make a cup of tea, and after that it was again splutter, splutter and kaput.

Time passed and soon Richard’s parents decided to spend the Thanksgiving weekend with him. Richard in a bid to present a clean house, cleaned for a week before that and the last thing that remained was repairing the gas stove. Richard and Robert went and got this done just on the penultimate evening. There it was shiny and neat, clean and repaired. They were too tired to cook so they ordered pizza and beat an early night, as they had to receive Richard’s parents early next morning. They came over armed with goodies, gifts, delicious cookies prepared by his mother, and gadgets presented by his father. Everything was so good and Richard’s mom went into the kitchen to make coffee for all.

Click. Click, click went the button….” Richard was lost in his new watch that his dad had just given him. “Richard! This gas stove aint working, sonny!”

Richard was so lost in his newfound gifts, that for a second he did not hear what she said, but the word gas stove jarred. He turned around; slowly taking paces back to the kitchen….” But I repaired it yesterday…” he thought and went in…

“How can you be living in a house like this? There is no gas stove? How are you cooking> couldn’t you have told me?” …..It went on, and Richard was reminded of his friend Rachel and mused how his mom and Rachel could say the same things.

“So now? “His dad asked….” Let’s go out and eat.” Richard could do nothing in the next three days. His parents had come and there was no gas stove. He could not eat his mother’s delicious food and he could do nothing about it. His parents went after four days, but not before Richard’s mom told that the neighbors next door were dealers of gas stoves. They could repair his stove. After so many months of staying, Richard was not aware that help was so near.

Though Richard’s parents went without cooking at home, when they reached their house the next phone call gave news that the gas stove had got repaired and Richard was elated sharing this with them. From then on, it was pizzas, and pancakes, soups and coffee, porridge and all that you could do on a gas stove.

Time passed and a month later, Richard’s lease got over. He had to leave the apartment and so after considerable searching Robert and Richard moved into a new one. It was a beautiful one and Richard sent the pictures to Rachel who was overjoyed to see such a beautiful house. Everything was so picture perfect.

The morning after he shifted, Rachel called Richard and asked how his new home was. He was outside and he said he would call her back as he was having breakfast. Rachel asked him what the noise in the background was. Richard said it was the buses and cars passing by. Rachel said that his apartment was in a quieter part of the region, so why the noise. Richard said he had come to a local bistro to have breakfast. Rachel asked him if he had not prepared at home.

Richard said “No the gas stove in this new house ….does not work! “

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