Rachel Hikes with the Shadows
Rachel Hikes with the Shadows (Photo credit: djking)

Into the street she stepped and felt the cold rain falling on her cheeks. As she looked up into the sky, she felt liberated…Suddenly everything fell into place like a jigsaw puzzle.Rachel had for long contemplated to give herself this pleasure of freedom, liberation and elation. she was glad she got it. As she squared her waterproof cap on her head a little more tighter and pulled her trench coat tightly towards her chest, Rachel heard the pitter patter of the rain drops on the roof of her car. Raising the engine a little more than usual, Rachel raced down the deep alleys and bylanes of the city she had got used to by now.

A decade back, Rachel would have been lost in these zigzag roads and winding lanes which no less resembled a mini Formula One race track. All the same, Rachel whistled to herself as she normally did when she was confused or had to take a call on something. Today, she had to take a call on whether what she had done was right or wrong. Today, she had decided to give her camouflaged love life a break. Today she had told Richard that she needed to move on. Today she had broken to Richard the news that they couldn’t get along any further. She remembered how her voice had quivered on the telephone as she told him that she had to set aside her innermost desires and had to consider that truth was far from reality.

Richard and Rachel had met up on very unforeseen circumstances.Travelling eastwards; Richard had taken the wrong train, and had bumped into Rachel who was the lone passenger in the cubicle in the Metro. As the underground rail would take another twenty minutes to reach the next station, Richard had to plonk himself in front of Rachel and get into unwanted conversation. The next station saw Rachel and Richard headed towards the exit together only to find that it was raining heavily. Richard could have sworn murder to the rain god that day as he was way behind his appointment with Lee&Bros, at three in the afternoon. Rachel sensing the impatience in Richard asked him if he had to be dropped anywhere. A ride offer from a total stranger and Richard had decided to go ahead with the bargain and had eased himself into the yellow convertible that Rachel had fondly parked in the railway station parking area.

It wasn’t long before that Rachel and Richard kept bumping into each other in the city and every meeting of theirs was under very strange circumstances. Over many cups of coffee, pizzas, rain showers, sunny afternoon lunches, Rachel and Richard became a couple and were considered a couple by every one. Rachel adjusted her blouse collar and powdered her nose just a wee bit and got ready to meet Richard in his house. Today Richard had a lot of paper work to be completed and she had offered to help him. In the two years Rachel had become Richard’s untold secretary. Rachel used to take care of every small thing that Richard needed and so, it was that Rachel gradually fell in love with Richard’s presence in her life. Today, Rachel had told herself she was going to somehow express her love to Richard.

As she walked into the room, Rachel cleared her voice and took Richard aback by confessing her love for him. Richard wouldn’t have understood what she meant and why she said it and would never have taken the pains to understand it either as he was already racking his head over Anna who he loved deeply. But Rachel’s entrance at a time when Anna had stood him up , made Richard consider Rachel’s love with a tinge of reluctance but with a lot of acceptance.

The love spider had woven its web well and Richard and Rachel were soon a couple in the reckoning. They fit hand in glove in the relation and so it was a total setback for Richard when he came to know that Rachel was married to Thomas. He reprimanded her for keeping him away from the truth and could not fathom why in the world she would want to love him when she had Thomas in her life. Anyway what was done could not be undone yet he could stop it he thought. Yet the hypnotizing effect of Rachel was such that Richard kept getting drawn towards her always. Rachel too couldn’t keep herself away from Richard.

Thus it was that time flew with the passion fruit being eaten by both Richard and Rachel everyday and very soon they were at the throes of passion. Rachel for the first time may have experienced what they call the game of love. Days passed, months passed and years…..

Crash bang boom…Cut to the present. Rachel tightening her grip on the trench coat, remembered how one evening she had suddenly decided to call their relation off. She realized Richard was unnecessarily bound by her and so was she Richard also on his front needed his own life partner. For Rachel it was impossible to live without him, their long conversations, their incessant passion, their flaming attraction. Yet, she played the game of life like the game of chess.

CHECKMATE ….she told herself. She had checkmated….she walks out of Richard’s life and creates a life for him. Richard is now to make the next move…Would Richard be able to clear this checkmate….Well point to ponder….

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