Fatal Desires

Roxanne (Photo credit: Beautiful Lily)

” I am waiting for the dress.” She wrote on her diary and after putting a full stop, she closed the diary firmly. Roxanne had reached the end of the day. She had the habit of writing a diary everyday. Roxanne, a mother of two, and raring to go was a simple woman with simple tastes. Very rarely would you find her dressed up properly. She was always either in her overalls working in the garden. Or you would find her, in her regular tee and a pair of shorts.

Very intelligent, and extremely charming with her ways, Roxanne had the gift of the gab. She could speak well, write well and talk well, but ask her to be stylish, well, she could never do it. Ask her to decorate the house, she could not. She

could just maintain a clean, neat and tidy household with the basic amenities very well. All that Roxanne loved to do was write, write and write about the world. Write about the milkman she met who came up with an intriguing tale. Write about the local chemist who shard his twopence with her. Write about anything that she felt was worth her time and others’. And she had her muse in Robert, years younger to her but her best pal.

Time was when Robert was young and Roxanne had helped him out of many nasty mess created by him. Today he was a smart, young, handsome man ready for the world of women. Not that he had not many. He had a tryst with a woman every quarterly and after a recent tiff Roxanne had decided not to speak about girls to him. He did not like her hovering around his life over every issue. He had asked her not to interfere, so she had decided that she would speak about everything but girls.

Once Robert went to Chicago. Roxanne was excited for this was the first time , he had gone so far. She told him, to bring a dress for her from there. But as she told, he hung up. He never heard.  A week passed, Roxanne used to hear stories from Robert every day about his stay in Chicago. The day he was returning he told her ” I have bought a dress for you.” Roxanne was so elated. She was not one to be interested in a robe, but this was a gift from Robert,her Robert, her pal. To think she had seen him grow as a child, and become independent and today he was buying a gown out of his money for her.What more could she have asked for. “Oh yes!” she said with lot of excitement.

Robert promising that he would give it to her when he came the following weekend, hung up and soon enough , the next week Robert came down to Tipsy Town where Roxanne lived. She could smell him in the air, when he arrived. She looked out of the window and called him and told she would pick him at the bus stop. She took her rickety car and gave him a lift back home.

“Where is my dress?” she asked. Robert told, it was all packed very well and he would give it to her at home. Roxanne talked nineteen to the dozen, dropped Robert in his house and went back home. Robert then came after an hour to meet her and have her cookies freshly baked and coffee fresh from the percolator.

“Where is my dress?” she asked as he entered. Robert slapped his forehead and said, “Oh No! I forgot. I have left it with mom. ” “Never mind, ” said Roxanne and she went on to give him coffee and cookies.

It was time for Robert to leave and go to the city. She bid him goodbye. She asked him “Where’s my dress?” He asked her to collect it from his mother.

Roxanne went a week later to Robert’s house but Annie Robert’s mother might have forgotten. She never gave. Roxanne made her way back home.

Robert lived in the city nearby and used to go back home every fortnight. The following fortnight he reached home and went to see Roxanne. His mother told him she was very ill and feeble. Robert rushed to see her. As he entered home, she was there feeble eyed looking frail and tired.

Roxanne! he shouted. He went to her, the doctor by her side and held her hand. As he opened his mouth to say something, he felt her hand give way and it fell down. He could not believe she was no more. How could someone so full of life, die so easily?

He was shocked, and simply could not believe it. As he went out of the room , to call his mother, a piece of paper at her table caught his attention….He opened it and read it …It said

“Where is my dress?””

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