Ctrl + Alt + Del

Sophie Calle : "Rachel, Monique" > Souci
Sophie Calle : “Rachel, Monique” > Souci (Photo credit: workflo)

And on a busy Sunday morning Rachel busied herself with her regular household chores. Sundays always brought about so much of added work to a household….thought Rachel. She had to mow the lawn, wash the laundry, go to the grocers…and then the regular chats with her kids, an extra dessert whipped up. Still she dreaded a Sunday as she had to listen to Robert raving and ranting at the slightest drop of a hat. Robert to whom Rachel was wedded for the past 20 years, was always a picture of calm and quite till he lost his temper. Then he was worse than a matador bull in a corrida.

As always, Rachel unwound and then sat in front of the computer and surfed the Net. If at all there was anything that could be labeled as obsessive behaviour in Rachel’s part then one could pinpoint her interest with the technological working of a computer. Rachel was a wiz at it and the very recent concept of blogging had caught on to her imaginative creativity. Rachel let her imaginative juices flow the moment she was in front of the screen and then within the blinking of an eyelid there she was ready with yet another incident from her life woven into a yarn of a racy story.

Rachel for the past fortnight is a contented individual as she had had the benefit of meeting up her old friends of childhood on a regular basis. The town had organized an interactive meet for all the students of Springdale.So Rachel was again back to her childhood every weekend as she got the opportunity to again relive the past with them. Rachel relished every moment like a cherry on her pie of life.

Enter..Press…and post….and there she smacked her lips as if she had had her favourite meal and looked back in delight at her creactivity. Today Rachel had not as much written anything…but had let her brains do some work. Today she had adopted a different technique to satisfy her ever thirsty creative brain. Rachel had seen some photos of her friends in school put up on the notice board. She saw Susan, she saw John, Mike, William….But she didn’t see herself. Rachel felt left out. She instantly took out her camera and took a photo of the group photo put up on the notice board. There were the kids all in their preparatory mould…so innocent yet so real. Fondly looking at the childhood memories trapped in a 4 by 6 size card paper which we call a photograph Rachel, went back home.

Rachel rummaged through the photographs in her trunk. She was looking for a lone photograph of hers which she could paste alongside her childhood friends. She didn’t get any. And as she sighed a sigh of having given up, she chanced upon a photo where she was sitting with her brother who had his arms around her shoulder. Rachel felt she could make do with this.

Rachel cut her photograph and pasted it alongside her friends….and mailed it to them . There she was with John, Mike, Susan, and standing beside William, with his arms around her….The arms that were on her shoulders were her brothers’ but it looked as if William was putting it around hers.Rachel relished this childish prank as she felt this would embarrass William who was her childhood crush.

… Though Rachel had no such feelings for William anymore with the passage of time, one can never forget the mysteries of reliving the childhood with fondness as we grow old. Even after so many years, Rachel had this innate thrill of embarrassing her crush just once more… So quite triumphantly and with an intention to pull his legs Rachel wrote to William and said :

“ Bill, how would you feel reconsidering me as your sister of so many years…as it’s my brother’s arms around me…but in the photo it looks like they are your arms….

William replied : C

trl Alt Delete….


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