What Goes Around Comes Around

English: Ramat Rachel Hotel - statue by David ...
English: Ramat Rachel Hotel – statue by David Polus עברית: מלון רמת רחל – פסלו של דוד פולוס (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

” Only remember that I do not want to hear about you from a third person” so saying Edgar walked out of the living room and made his way out into the driveway and drove  his small sedan out.

Rachel looked at herself in the mirror and imitated her father ” I do not want to hear about you from a third person. Do you understand that, Ms.Rachel Edgar Smith?”  With a tinkle of laughter, she left out and took her bicycle and the very next moment went to meet Renauld who was waiting for her at his gate. Together they cycled down the lane and reached school.

“Dad is quite freaked out at me, Renauld and has said so in so many words, that I should not be seeing you.” said Rachel

“However is that possible, Rachel,? ” Renauld asked in exasperation, all his books toppling down. Rachel and Renauld had grown up together and now were well on their teens. Everything was working perfect, except that the local community at the Parish was not allowing them to be seen together as it was against the law of the Parish, that a boy from the nearby town should not be going around with a girl from Bloomingdale where Rachel lived.

Rachel, a loving daughter, did not like to be separated from her childhood friend and still met him on the stealth, unknown to her parents. But one day, she decided to call it off, for she did not want to betray her parents. And sure enough, Renauld also agreed as, he too was a well brought up boy from a good family. Old times, and those days when children used to obey their parents.

Soon time passed and Rachel went on to becoming  a writer. She loved writing and soon her books on children became the hot topics and the favourites in town. Renauld was a successful businessman and after Rachel got married, their friendship was in the back burner.

Rachel now a happy woman, a loving wife and a disciplinarian at home. A mother,stern with rules and liberal with mistakes of here children, Rachel had three of them, Ryan the elder one, Kate the second, and Christopher the third. As the children grew, Rachel was more than happy they never troubled her for any major cause. Ryan graduated and went on to becoming a photographer, Kate was pursuing her Masters in Commercial Arts and Christopher was in High School.

One day, Pam, Rachel’s best friend called and told her that Christopher had sent a message to his friend, and Rachel’s friend’s daughter Samantha that his relation with Daphne was over. Samantha’s brother happened to see this message and queried with Christopher. Pam saw this and reported all to Rachel. Rachel sat down and thought for a long while, on how to tackle this situation. She did not want to hurt Christopher, lest he stopped telling her everything. She did not want to keep quiet lest the kids take her for granted.

When Christopher reached home, Rachel cleared her throat and waited for Christopher to finish what he was doing. Rachel had decided what she had to say.  She said ;

“Only remember that I do not want to hear about you from a third person” !!!

What goes around comes around !

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