Sandwiched Success

05072013(004)As he made his way to his workplace Raju, had only one thought in his mind…What new could he do today…? Yesterday was another day, tomorrow is far away, and Raju lived in the present, the time of action. A great entrepreneur, Raju had it all; you ask for it, he had it. A good business, a successful endeavor, a loving family and two children. Raju was a happy man. As he made his way into his office, he greeted whoever was on his way. A pleasant person, he always had a smile on his face. He had come a long way hadn’t he?

Some years back, he remembered how he was working in a hotel, and had had lot of experience in the service sector. His boss recognized his talents, and gave him the offer of starting a business together. And they did, but it did not work as well, as Raju was better at his work, than his boss and the entire thing came crashing down. Raju was out on the streets, not knowing what to do. He remembered how his friends reassured him that things would be fine. One evening, Raju chanced upon a college, which was quiet new to the area. He decided to start his business there. He started with the basic essentials and gradually his popularity increased. All that he had to do was to give the world what it wanted. And what did the world want? A two bit minute of peace and a quick delicious bite.

This brings us to the present that Raju made for himself. With a swift move of his hand, Raju pat the butter on the bread slice and whipped it up on the hand toaster. As the sandwich simmered within, Raju looked at the small girl who was smacking her lips in her delicious wait to see it in her snack box soon. The sandwich done, Raju catered to the next in line, and made sure that each of his customers was satisfied. Amazingly, he did not even have the infrastructure to stand where he is today.


Raju is a sandwich maker in the local areas of an Indian metropolis. He is the voice of countries like India, he is the power behind the well oiled mechanism of the country. He is truth incarnate. And the office that I mentioned is just a one feet by one feet bit of space outside a college. His desk is a cycle on which he keeps his stuff for the sandwiches. Is it not the best thing that could happen for progress in society? he serves sandwiches for hundreds and contributes to the revenue overall.


05072013(002)I met this guy just two days back, when I was on one of my regular personal endeavors. His frankness, genuineness, and honesty struck me, and I was amazed to see the manner in which he delivered sandwiches to his customers. There was a tenacity that was unmistakable and a sincerity that has been obtained after years of hard work. I asked him how he started the business and he poured out his entire story and topped it with an offer of a “Chilly Cheese Sandwich” for which he refused to take money. I told him, my mother has told me that there is never any concession for anything related to medicine, religion, and food. One should never take any of these free, for which he said his father has told him, that feeding two mouths would be recorded in the log book of God and that was more beneficial for him. Ultimately, we struck a deal and I paid half for the Chilly Cheese Sandwich.


I felt he was more than relieved to talk about himself and he is one of the many fasces we see in a crowd, but a face hard to forget just because of his genuine attitude and honest outlook. In a world of instant gratification driven endeavors here is one endeavor that is a matter of the heart. What say?


4 thoughts on “Sandwiched Success”

  1. I think it’s fantastic that you take the time to talk to someone and write about them. You are right that there are so many people we pass by but never take the time to get to know. Classism is evident in India and I admit I am guilty of that. However there was a man I met on a trip to India that changed my mind.

    I was lost in Delhi and I asked for directions. An upper class man sent me in the wrong direction. Then I met a security guard who sent me another direction. The security guard then came on his bicycle to tell me he had been wrong and that I needed to go the opposite way. I thanked him and started to walk the opposite way. Then I saw the same security guard in a car. He was driving his employer somewhere but offered to drop me part way to my destination since he was headed in that direction. I declined for obvious reasons but I’m certain he meant well. Coincidentally I met the upper class man again and he told me it was my fault for not speaking clearly when I asked him for directions.

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