The Dance Of Death

Chandler sunset
Chandler sunset (Photo credit: kevin dooley)

“The doors are wide open, with their open arms. You may join them Rina. “Why didn’t you finish your assignment? hmm?? said Mrs Chandler with a tone of finality. A certain sternness about her was unmistakable. Something about Mrs. Chandler was awe inspiring and there was not a child in the school who was not scared of her. And rightly so. With the growing incidence of mischief in the school, one needed someone like her.

Rina quietly took her books and stood outside the class, while she completed the assignments as she rued the fact that she could have finished her work at home but for Laura who had come home the previous evening and they got to chatting about their friends. If only! Rina wished If only she had done her work on time.

As the bell rang, Rina came in and Mrs Chandler looked at her and said “Do things on time and you are sure to be on the path to success. Do not delay your work ever.

Time flew and Rina was subject to Mrs Chandler’s criticism repeatedly, and she was filled with a lot of respect for her yet had this urge to tell her mentor that she was not doing it intentionally. One day when Rina reached home, she was shocked to see Mrs. Chandler in her house. What in the world was this!

How could her teacher come to her house, As she stood there gape mouthed, jaw dropping in utter disbelief, Mrs Edmund ton , Rina’s mother came in. She gave a tray of cookies to Mrs. Chandler and tea.

“Don’t worry child. She has not come for any complaints or the sorts. She has come just for giving the money for Salvation. I am in charge of Salivation in the church.”Rina heaved a sight of relief, wished Mrs. Chandler a hurried good afternoon, and continued with her work.

Time passed and the aura of Mrs. Chandler never left her. Rina was soon a mother of two and a teacher in a local primary school. She realized that most of her methods and approach were very similar to Mrs. Chandler and said so to  her cousin, Laura too. Rina had settled in another city so there was no chance of her meeting her teacher frequently.

However, there were times when she visited her city to see her parents who were in Bloomingville, an area favourite to Rina’s dad. On one such occasion, she decided to meet Mrs. Chandler but Mrs. Chandler was not in town.

“Never mind” Rina had thought…”Better luck next time.” The next time, she visited the city, she could only speak to her teacher on the phone as she herself had no time.

years passed and Rina’s parents had shifted city so she n o longer went to Bloomingville, and Rina was caught in her own affairs. However, the urge to see Mrs. Chandler was always there yet things never worked her way.

Then came a time when finally Rina could speak to Mrs. Chandler again, and she fixed up a time and place to meet her. All set, she waited for the day to arrive. The morning dawned and she was so excited to meet her teacher yet again. She decided to have a cup of coffee, clean the house and makes him way to her favourite teacher’s house.

She took the coffee, and settled down with the newspaper.
“Mrs Chandler, a teacher in the town, got murdered last evening. Investigations on”.

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