A Tale Of Silence

Pergamonnmuseum Berlin, Pergamonaltar, Giganto...
Pergamonnmuseum Berlin, Pergamonaltar, Gigantomachie, Rhea reitet auf einem Löwen, Rhea rides on a lion, Andrasteia (?) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Hello?” Rhea said on this end of the call….Silence….She was greeted with silence and then after a long drawn pause of five seconds, Richard’s voice came from the other end…”Hmm”

“So are you asleep>” asked Rhea with a lot of contemplation. Rhea was Richard’s best friend and pal and had the habit of speaking to Richard every morning and night. She was his soul mate, friend, mentor, guide and everything a good friend could be.

Silence…Rhea was greeted with silence. “Hullo…..were you sleeping>” Rhea repeated her question….

“Hmm”….Richard mumbled. Richard a painter by profession, loved to roam around the countryside and sketch whatever caught his imagination. A Liberal Arts Graduate, he knew to speak Spanish and Hindi. Yes, he knew to speak Hindi because of his Indian connection through his father who had relations there in India.

Rhea spoke nineteen to the dozen and never ceased to share every bit of information with Richard.  They were a good pair only they never had decided to go steady. They shared a camaraderie that was unmistakable but it is only Richard’s silence that came between them.

“What did André tell you?” asked Rhea…André was Richard’s childhood friend and she remembered that the previous night they did not speak because Richard was speaking to Andre..

“Oh we spoke about movies and books..” Richard said….Rhea was waiting ….a minute passed, two, three….Silence…

“Hullo?” Rhea whispered…..”hmm” Richard said…..

“So what did André tell you?” Rhea continued…..


“Hullo?” Rhea went on…..Silence….Rhea lost it and banged the phone down. She was fed up of this silence at the other end always. When Richard was in the mood, he used to speak about everything under the sun, when he was not, it was always Silence.

Rhea texted Richard asking him to stay away from her life. She had had enough and did not want to continue life in this manner  in silence. She picked up the phone called him, and gave him a big piece of her mind.

“Hullo? ” continued…..


She decided she would not call him the entire day. Richard was actually not at fault. It was not like he wanted to hurt her, and used to do it deliberately, but he was so used to Rhea speaking on and on, that he did not know what to pitch in.  He hated it when Rhea started the day with a fight but today Rhea had had it and she had lost it. Richard did not as much send her his usual apology which ired her more. Richard was fed up of the innumerable frustrations in his life, like a difficult boss, a boring office assignment, girls walking out of his life, and so on. On top of it, when Rhea busted his mood, he could never figure out how to come out of it.

In the evening, he came back after a frustrating day in the office and called Rhea up. She did not pick up. He called her again after an hour. She did not pick up. He called her residence. The voice mail was greeted with only one thing – Silence.

Richard rushed to Rhea’s house, as he had to patch up with her. As he entered the driveway, there was a crowd outside, and he went it and saw Rhea there lying on a bed of flowers and there was only one thing that greeted him


Life is too short to waste on silence. Words are the only ways of building bridges of relation. Speak to your near ones as much as you can, as if there is no morrow….For you never know when there really would be no tomorrow.

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