The Tree Of Life

Tree Of Life

The Tree Of Life
For Trees Have Life Too

“Plants too have life ” Mrs. Anderson, the Biology teacher finished the lesson and smiled at all the children. The class were doing Plant And Animal Kingdom and the chapter was pretty interesting. The class in fact felt sad it got over.

“But what is the proof that plants have life?” Rihanna asked herself. She could understand all that about how plants prepare food, how they shrivel when we do not water them. She had even seen her granddad singing to plants and seeing them dance in joy. In fact whenever she used to see plants dancing, she used to feel they had come alive. There was something so intriguing about plants that she continued to think that they were man’s best friends.

Years passed and Rihanna reached India on an exchange programme. She was surprised to see everyone here so culture oriented and involved in a lot of social celebrations. One such celebration was a “pooja” people had held to invoke rain. Rihanna had found it very intriguing. Invoking rain? Whatever that meant. She got to know that Nature was worshipped in India as the Mother. She was mother for all living things, plants including.

But how would we know plants have feelings? How ? This is one question that never failed to intrigue Rihanna and she used to look longingly at the tree as if she would get a reply from the huge branches and leaves. Gradually she developed a fondness for the tree in her backyard. A huge mango tree at that. Mangoes, were special in India, but she had brought a sapling along and had grown one in her backyard. As she drove up the driveway, the tree was right in the centre and she had to turn around to park the car. Soon, this became a favourite of all those who passed through and very soon, children used to go through Rihanna’s backyard as she had also built a small sparrow’s house on top.

Every morning, she used to wake up and look at the children playing under the tree,  she used to wave goodbye to them and get back to her chores. One morning, similarly she stood in the balcony looking at the children and waved at them. Just sometime back some elder children had passed by. Then Mr. Smith’s car went by, then old Joe came to wash Jenny’s car. There was so much happening all around and the morning seemed perfect. And then she heard a crash. First a crackling sound…She felt why firecrackers in autumn? And then a crash and a boom!

She rushed to the balcony for she had just then bid goodbye to the children. And there right below, lay one huge branch of a tree sprawled its full glory all gone and dead. Jenny’s car had taken a bashing for the branch fell on the beautiful sedan damaging it beyond recognition. It had rained all night and the branch gave way. The children!

Damaged Car
The tree damaged a car but no occupants in it

Rihanna rushed down, only to see the children turning the corner much ahead of the tree. The tree had fallen, but it did not harm anyone, but the car. She shuddered to think what would have happened if the tree had fallen a second ago, when the children were playing or when the washermen were washing. But the tree did not do that.

The tree knew when to fall and how.  The tree had common sense. Rihanna slowly uttered the words ” The tree has feelings…The tree has life. ………………………….

All plants have life ….!!!!

Rihanna had got her answer to her 20 year question.

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