Come Undone

Come Undone

Come Undone
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”Make sure that you do well in your play and don’t worry, you will not forget your lines, dear” said Judith as she adjusted the collar of her son’s shirt.  Alexander was going to do on stage for the first time and was quite nervous.

The evening passed well, Alexander did extremely well and was quite happy with the way things progressed. Judith and Alexander had learnt to come to terms with Dan’s death and they were trying hard to put him off their minds. Judith had lost her husband a year back and Alexander her 17-year-old son was well onto joining the military very soon.

Time passed, Alexander joined the Army and Judith was all alone and used to dread the long hours of loneliness. On one such phone call, she expressed her feelings to Alex who had this brilliant idea of sending a robot to give his mother company.

ASIMO is an advanced humanoid robot developed ...
ASIMO is an advanced humanoid robot developed by Honda. Shown here at Expo 2005. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Soon, Philips the robot became the permanent companion for Judith. She used to get  irritated with it as the robot took too much care of Judith and she was not quite used to this programmed son of hers. Yes, Judith had started to grow attached to the robot.  The days used to start with Philips the robot making a cup of tea for her , and then both used to mow the lawn together, collect fruits from the backyard, and then cook food for both. Both of them? Of course, Judith used to eat the veggies while Philips used to get charged in the socket nearby.

Philips even had a programme to laugh. Judith used to go into peals of laughter when Philip used to have a staccato laugh like Ha, Ha , Ha, Ha. Every time, Philips used to slow down, Judith used to take out his battery and put it back, just in case it had loosened.  In fact, Philips became so smart that when it knew, there was a slack, it used to walk slowly to Judith and stand in front of her. Judith knew what had to be done. She used to slowly open the door and push the battery in and Philip used to spring to action.

Time passed and Judith’s son showed no signs of coming. Judith had got used to it,  and was more affectionate to her new son , Philip. The pang of not seeing her son was always there but now she was happy with her robotic son. One day as Judith sat on her armchair and was resting , Philip was by her side and watching her. Suddenly Judith’s hand fell on to one side. Philips sensed something and went and took her hand and kept it on her chest. It again fell down. Philips realized something had to be done though it did not know Judith was dead.

The robot opened the door on its chest, took out the battery and put it on Judith’s chest. It hoped she would speak, but in a moment, the entire robot came undone as the battery was out.

As the robot too fell into bits and pieces, there was a knock at the door. It was Alexander.

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