The Car

A Year That Was

The Car
The Car


As she cleared the table, she saw her son Chinna working hard at the assignments. She thought of cleaning the house of its mess and then settling down with his work.  Her house was in a disarray and Radhika had had enough of the entire mess that was strewn around. She thought of having a cup of coffee and made her way towards the kitchen when she heard the phone ring. She picked it up and answered the call wondering who could it be now . The person at the other end, asked for a Ritika . Radhika gave up and replied that there was no Ritika around.

Oh For a cup of coffee thought Radhika to herself and was settling down when the phone rang again.  It was the person again who had called earlier. But this time he asked for Radhika. He added that her husband had met with an accident and had to be escorted back home.  RAdhika told Chinna about this and they rushed to the hospital. Something told Radhika that she should take her husbands briefcase along . She went by an auto to the hospital and on the way informed Kumar her husbands brother, her aunt, her cousin in Chennai and her friends Pooja, Lata and Meenu. When she reached the hospital what greeted her was shocking. Ramesh her husband was in a pool of blood and had his entire dress swathed in blood. The guy in question, Manoj  who helped Ramesh get to the hospital and who called Radhika and informed was standing there. Radhika was in tears and did not know what to do.

The doctors said that it was a hip fracture and had to operated. Radhikas daughter Kavita came after some time and broke down. The doctors put Ramesh on traction and waited for four days to see if it got alright. The car that Ramesh travelled in, got bumped out by a truck which caused the accident. The car had to be towed away by the police and sold on scrap.

After four days the traction did not work, and Ramesh had to be operated on. It was an eight hour operation and it was successful. The doctor confirmed everything was safe but ill luck fell on Radhika and Ramesh again. Ramesh contracted pneumonia. The doctor at the ICU said things were not good as there was a suspected infection. Ramesh was in the ICU for four days and got treated for pneumonia. He was brought back into the hospital room.

Radhikas brother Kannan came down from the U.S. to be with her and give support. That night when he landed, the doctor said that things were not good with Ramesh. They said his cardiac ribs had cracked completely and that his lungs had collapsed. There was no chance he could survive. RAdhika could not believe her ears when the doctor said this. She asserted that her husband would not die and that she was sure he would survive. She challenged the doctor that he did not know what he was saying and said that things would be fine.

Rameshs brother Kumar and his wife Sudha had come down for support. That night at the hospital room, Kumar, Kannanand Sudha were worried, but Radhika held ground and held her prayer beads and went to sleep. The next morning, Ramesh gained conciousness. It was a miracle.!

Gradually in the next week, Ramesh was discharged and he came home discharged from the hospital. The day passed fixing an air conditonier for the room he was in and various other things  were arranged. The following day, Radhikas sister lakshmi had come down to help and the physiotherapist came down. He saw Ramesh and said that his body had swollen completely. He called for the ICU doctor and Ramesh had to be hospitalised immediately.

Radhika held on and continued to take care of the matter. The next morning, the doctor came and said that RAmesh had fluid around his heart. It had to be taken out . It was something called Dresslers Syndrome. There was a needle that had to be inserted and the fluid had to be taken out . But there was a 1% risk that it could prick the heart and it could be fatal. RAdhika insisted that she would be with RAmesh during the operation. The fluid did not come out as Ramesh was panting a great deal. He was on his way to losing his life. Then he was put on a ventilator. Radhika lost her courage. All that she had withstood for so many days, came pouring down like a dam burst. She lost her confidence. Ramesh was shiftted to a hospital which had cardiac care. RAdhika called her aunt to take over the house and kids.

Everyone in the family prayed for Ramesh and Radhikas parents, uncles, aunts and cousins and friends stood by her during the time of need.

A week later Ramesh recovered and a week later he got discharged from the hospital. Radhika had to keep him isolated and quarantined for a month. Slowly Ramesh limped back to normal and gradually resumed work. It took 9 months for him to get back to normal.

Today a year later Radhika writes this story thanking God for the good life He gave her and for having Ramesh with her today safe and healthy. I am RAdhika.Photo-0319

2 thoughts on “A Year That Was”

  1. there r a very few times when i m left speechless.. but i am on reading this.. Hatsoff.. to u.. your dedication.. willpower & to your faith in the Lord……
    God bless you n your smiling world..

  2. nothing is in our hands everything God says it is in hands .His help comes from different human beings being God in them .So all difficulties are solved by him with the help of humanbeings who again is God himself .never think ‘I’ as it is not you who are doing .It is God playing with you .

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