Six Degrees Of Separation

Six degrees of separation: Artistic visualizat...
Six degrees of separation: Artistic visualization. Français : Visualisation artistique du principe des Six degrés de séparation. Nederlands: zes niveaus van scheiding (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Six degrees of separation. For every person you interact with in this
world you would have six people responsible for the acquaintance.
Strange but true. This is a true story and there could be no further
evidence. Call it coincidence, madness or impractical. But 90% of the
time six degrees of separation works.


Rachel looked at herself in the mirror and got ready to go to her French Classes. As she walked with Richard she was only discussing how best to avoid meeting Robert who she was going to get married to. Her fathers promise to Roberts father and the alliance was a long time promise that had to be kept. Try as she might she did not know how to avoid her marriage to Robert. Well fate has its ways, she said to herself wryly as they entered the French class. She wondered whyever Mrs. Smith met Roberts mother and suggested Robert and Rachel get married. If it had not been for Mrs. Smith, the marriage would not have come up.


Robert looked at his father lying on the hospital bed and sighed wondering why things happened at the wrong time. Here he was a research assistant in one of the best chemical companies and there his father was diagnosed of cancer. Robert had to leave his job and take care of his father and his ageing mother. Everyone wanted Robert to get married to Rachel before his father died. Doctors had given up and had said it was only a matter of days.


Andy looked up from his papers and looked at Katie ready with a sweet smile on her face. Andy was Katies mentor and guide and they were in the same hospital. Love bloomed in the air and Katie soon proposed to Andy her senior , and soon enough they got married. Andy used to live in his uncles house which was nearer to the hospital. His parents lived in Rushington, a small town in the countryside. As Andy and Katie came back to their uncles house from the church, he saw Roberts mother waving at them. Robert was Andys uncles neighbour. Later Andy and Katie settled in Thorville a beautiful place in the suburbs.


Soon Robert and Rachel were married and they lived in the beautifully big house that Roberts parents had made with lot of expectation and affection. Time passed and Keith, Roberts brother was soon back with the family . He had been in London pursuing further studies.  Baby bells rang in Rachels life and she gave birth to Kylie a beautiful bonny girl. Keith met Susan and they got married and now it was a big family living together. Obviously it was a case of too many cooks spoiling the broth and soon Robert and RAchel decided to find a separate house and reached Thorville . Soon the family got back its lost harmony and time just flew by. Rachel got acquainted with Andy and Katie and soon Andy and Rachel were the best of friends.


Ryan was an Engineering Grad who was struggling in doing well at the University. He was frustrated, sad, upset that Samantha walked out of his life.  Ryans father Patrick was Rachels colleague at work and they lived in the same area. Patrick needed Rachels help for getting some information from the Internet for his friends daughter. Rachel said she would mail the details and Patrick gave her Ryans email id. Rachel mailed it and found Ryan online and got talking. One thing led to another and soon Rachel started solving all of Ryans problems. Ryan had a friend Steve who helped him in their environmental endeavours. Time flew and Ryan went to Atlanta to pursue his Masters while Steve and Rachel continued the environmental activity back home. Steve was a content writer and introduced Rachel to this art.


Ted was an ambitious content designer with a lot of plans ahead in life. He was in love with Melissa who had her own publication. Ted and RAchel got acquainted through Steve who introduced Rachel to Ted. Ted liked Rachels way of writing and appreciated her blogs . Rachel confided in Ted her ambition to write a book and to be recognised as a writer in public. Ted gradually started sharing his personal problems with Rachel. One day Ted stopped calling Rachel. Rachel waited for a fortnight and called him wondering what was amiss. Ted said his father was unwell and was suffering from cancer. Rachel told him if he needed any help she would surely help him.


The next morning Ted told Rachel he needed a second opinion on his fathers treatment. Rachel introduced him to Andy. Andy advised Ted what to do. Teds father is fine now.

Mrs. Smith – Rachel- Robert- Ryan-Steve- Andy – Ted…..Six Degrees of Separation !!!

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