Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword

Google Search
Google Search (Photo credit: Steven Combs)

As Rachel adjusted her scarf, the lift door opened and she went in. She was quite smitten by the lift which had no floor numbers to enter. Instead you had to press the floor you wished to go right outside the lift and the lift automatically took you there. As she entered the office, she was quite impressed with the ambience. They asked her to write on osteoporosis. She did and she landed with the job of a writer.

Thus started Rachels unprecedented and unplanned career. Soon, she was writing 20 articles a day and quite happy with herself. Time was when she met Steve who was also on a writers assignment. He introduced Rachel to Tanish who ran a company that dealt with artworks. Tanish wanted some  articles written for his company. Rachel did well with this and one afternoon Tanish called to confirm payments made by him when Rachel got talking about her blogs and her passion for writing. Tanish casually mentioned he would link her to Melissa an editor with a local news journal.

Rachel had come far from a mere stay at home mom to a writer on public websites. And now this job of a freelancer was what Rachel was waiting for. Melissa saw Rachels blogs and instantly gave here a computerised managed system where in RAchel could log in and write and publish her articles.

Rachel was in India and it was Navratri time. It is the festival of nine nights. As she wrote just to keep tabs with the current celebrations, RAchel just ached to go to sleep.But all her hard efforts paid off, for today that article has topped Google. Rachel is me and this has been my story.

Navratri (Photo credit: goblinbox_(queen_of_ad_hoc_bento))

At times, you do not realise how Lady Luck smiles at you. Not quite realising my potential, I wrote on an occassion in India, which is the festival of nine nights, Navratri. And imagine my joy when I found it is topping Google search since the past week. What more could a writer want and more surprises was on the way .

navratri colours
navratri colours

Today my other article on Dussehra celebrations also is fourth on Google search.

Fourth on Google
Fourth on Google







My father said, Hardwork always pays. Success reigns for those who work hard towards a better cause. As I climb up the ladder of success I look back and thank all those small obstacles that made me a better person.

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