The Sixth Heaven

English: Photo taken by Rachel Kutzley
English: Photo taken by Rachel Kutzley (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sometimes the simplest moments in life go on to be crucial epitomes of bonds.Today Rukmini Krishnan brings one such interesting tale of bonding The Sixth heaven on Tales to Read which takes you from the innocence of childhood to the realms of grown ups and how they connect.

Part One

As Mrs. Berger entered the class, the entire class went into a hushed silence. She peered through her spectacles, satisfied that the class looked neat, and clean proceeded with her Grammar lessons. Rachel sat with a pout as yet again Samantha had gained over and was next to Vivian. Rachel longed to be with Vivian for she really liked it when he gave her an eraser whenever she lost hers. The seven year olds were all ready with Mrs. Berger’s lessons.

As they worked away in speed, Michael who was not interested tto finish the exercises nudged Andy who in turn nudged Richard who looked towards Vivian. Vivian gave a stern nod and they all got back tto writing again. The bell rang, the class got over, and it was time to take a bite. Velvette came towards Rachel and they shared a cookie and made their way towards the corridor where the people were. They looked at the people play and each of them wishing Vivian was with them, this small seven year old toddler romance soon faded into oblivion with passage of time.

Clips replaced ribbons and belts replaced suspenders. They were all grown up. Now Velvette and Rachel were in the same school and the rest of the boys were in another school. Vivian had progressed to a High School in the town nearby. Velvette with her long pigtails and bespectacled face was every inch an innocent charming girl while Rachel was more brash, careless, and wild.

Time flew each one to oneself and the simmering soft corner for Vivian notwithstanding everyone settled down to a new life filled with responsibilities, kids, family, and commitments.

Part Two


She clung the scarf snugly to her neck and quickly walked up the driveway and entered home just in time, for soon it started snowing. Velvette had just come back after a week long tour at her mother’s house and was again back to the grind. Her daughters were fine grown women now and were surely examples of Velvette years of tender loving care. Sheila, the first one was a Management Grad in Bruxton University nearby and was now working as an apprentice in a very popular firm. Shania the second daughter wanted to be counselor and was pursuing her Masters in Counselling in a local University.

Oh! There was so much snow waiting to pour down. Glad I just missed it. Velvette told herself as she made herself a cup of tea. As the snow lashed away at the glass panes, the glazed glass only took her back to some years when she was in Costa Rica with Arthur. Arthur a bundle of energy, vibrance and intelligence and certainly the perfect match for Velvette. Today the family had grown and Arthur was in Kenstown while Velvette lived with her younger daughter. It was a small family yet Velvette missed something. She did not know what.


Rachel typed furiously at the laptop as if there was no end. She silently thanked her mother for having made her learn to type the right way. Today Rachel the blogger was a well known figure yet she lacked the zest in her life. Her husband Robert was recovering from a recent accident and her children Krish and Kay were well on to making their life successful. Kay was a Commerce professional seeking apprenticeship in a firm and Krish was in the Tenth Grade. Time flew and after a lot of ups and downs, which are best avoided in Rachel’s memory, today she had a family she could be proud about. Yet there was something missing. Rachel did not know what.


Vivian today a Tax Planner was every bit a shrewd calculative Tax professional. None could evade his eyes and Vivian the mild one could turn on his antennae tto swipe roles. Suddenly there would be an air of darkness and the smile would be replaced by a firm stiff upper lip. Vivian was a ruthless boss and anyone working with him would have to have tonnes of patience. As he drove down home, the real Vivian came to fore. He listened to the music in the car and smiled thinking of his wife Beth and his two sons Adam and Atkins who he knew would be waiting for dinner. As he drove into the driveway the shrill voice of Adam came through the window and Vivian kept the chocolate ready for him in his pocket. Everything was so perfect and Vivian silently thanked God for all the good things. Yet there was something missing and Vivian was trying to find out what it was.


Andy brushed the speck of dirt he saw on his Saville Row suit and eased himself into the Porsche. A staunch car enthusiast, Andy was here by sheer dint of his efforts and hard work. A simple, modest schoolboy worked his way to the top and today Andy was a well respected figure in Financial Circles across the world. His wife Pam an entrepreneur specialized in ethnic décor. A good house, a happy family, two handsome sons Ryan and Shane. Ryan a dapper young man of 18 years was out on military training and Shane was still in school.  Andy smiled to himself as he listened to the Western Classical songs on the Blu Ray. There was everything, yet there was something, he longed for. He hummed a tune but it had no meaning, He sang a song but the lyrics made no sense. There was something missing. He did not know what it was.


Richard looked every bit a perfect husband with his family. As the photo session got over, they came out of the photo tent and enjoyed the party. The photograph was part of the party organized by one of his friends. Richard married to beautiful Penelope had everything he prayed for. A good family, a lovely wife, and amazing kids. He was working with a very popular firm in the city and had a lot of things to boast about. As they made their way back from the party Penelope looked at Richards face and shook her head. She failed to understand what is it that made Richard think so much. Richard, Andy, Vivian, and Michael met every weekend. Andy away in Middle East, still managed to come up with reasons to visit his friends and they used to meet up.

The meetings were filld with laughter fun and enjoyment. Still they felt a lack and this was killing them.


Michael made his way out into he open and jogged. He loved his morning jog and used to come back home after picking up the milk, newspaper and some fruits. A man of firm beliefs, Mike as he was called was happier being alone. He loved listening to old classical and was very possessive of his friends. Not a man to emote easily, milkshakes were his favorites.  He believes in living life king-size especially after he lost his parents at a young age and is a living example of zest combined with tolerance. Yet Mike felt the lack of something, which he could not pinpoint or find out.

Sixth Heaven

Six people six destinations six professions and there was something lacking. The phone beeped. Velvette looked at it and sent a reply to the message she received. AS she logged into a social site she sent out a message in a group she saw was her school. She looked for known faces and she found herself typing only for five names. Vivian, Richard, Andy, Mike, Rachel.

Mike opened the laptop and showed his boss the presentation. Mr. Williams approved it and Mike made his way towards his seat. He had to finish this presentation in an hour’s time and it was imperative he worked well at it. Mike however settled to scouring the social site for few minutes. He typed his school name and out came the group. He searched for known names and he hit upon Rachel.

Vivian finished filing the tax papers and decided to call it a day. As he made his way towards home, he could only wonder what his cook would have cooked for him today. He looked at his cell phone and began deleting the unwanted messages. He could not still fathom what Shaun had told him on Mike’s birthday about Velvette. That she was in trouble and had problems and Vivian could not understand how to connect to her. Time had flown and old bonds had been replaced by new ones. For Vivian, Velvette was just the mild bespectacled girl in the class. But now years later when he came to know she was in trouble he wished to reach out to her. He opened the social site and searched for Velvette.

Velvette was online and looking for good information. She as a content writer liked to write on anything that pleased her. The ping brought her back into the screen. Vivian? Goodness Gracious! After an eternity, Vivian! The Vivian of Springdale Elementary School? Mrs. Bergers class. The Vivian! Whoopee she felt and she quickly accepted the invite. Now she was calling herself Violette and had a beautiful tattoo on her shoulder to show off. She was no longer that bespectacled charm instead was a graceful swan oozing with feminine elegance now.

Rachel was just basking in the glory of her article topping Google and was teaching her son the elements of science. The day passed with not much ado and she settled down at night to writing some more articles. Her phone showed her some messages from a phone social site. She opened it and she saw a host of conversation. ! Goodness! She thought and then she saw Vivian’s message and Mikes missed call. The Vivian! Good Lord! After so many years, they had connected and Rachel quietly thanked the social sites for featuring the phone numbers.

Rachel was already in touch with Mike so it was nothing unknown to her. Yet to be connected like this suddenly required lot of patience and time. Rachel was glad they had got connected and was amazed to see Richard, Andy also had joined in, and they were all a group now. They could chat, exchange news, share, and care.

It is a small world and the world has like minded people. Technology is the only element that binds people together these days. Today these six comrades of kindergarten school feel no lack. What they were missing was the camaraderie, the fun, the laughter and the tears and the simple language of acceptance without being judged. They had it back now suddenly out of the blue and had filled the gap that never seemed to have an end. Yes, a sixth heaven exists right here in their group. !


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