Bedtime Fantasy



“Alright, my day has ended, and it is time to go to bed,” said Samantha with a tone of finality. She had had a long day and she was aching to go to bed and sleep a good night’s sleep with a lot of things sorted out during the day.


As she got up to change into her nightwear, she saw pencils scattered on the table, and some pens and a pencil case. “Chris! “She called out to her son.  Chris came playing the guitar with absolute nonchalance, which infuriated Samantha even more. “Keep all this in place.” she instructed. He kept it back. Then she saw a paper clipped to a writing pad. “Bloomingdale High” it said on the top. “What is the school assignment sheet doing on the table.” wondered Samantha.



“Chris!” she called out again. Chris strolled in again without a care for the world. “Why is this here?’ she asked him.



Oh! I had kept it here to write my song’ said Chris.


“You are not supposed to use the school sheet for writing a song” said Samantha in absolute disbelief.  Samantha was a stickler for rules, and discipline and nothing angered her more than indiscipline and inefficiency.  Never to complain for a cause, Samantha worked real hard and was always quite work oriented.


“Well, I had clipped this on to the board long time back and now this would not match the new sheets that have been bought , Mom!” wailed Chris.


“These are very similar to the ones you have bought yesterday” so saying Samantha went to Chris’ room to check up the new sheets that were lying in Chris’s bag.


“NO they aren’t the same” shouted Chris. Samantha took the sheets out of the cover. Chris, very angry by now jumped down from the bed he was kneeling on and roared in anger. “You can’t take out the sheets like that. You could have just put it back, Mom”>


Samantha, a mother of two could never fathom why kids behaved so. “They cost a good 5 dollars, sonny.” she said.


“Now why would you bring money in between, Mom” said Chris.  Samantha wanted to imbibe in the children a sense of responsibility, discipline, value for money and in this bid to be a rightful parent often entered into such rows with her kids.


“I had kept it long time back on the pad.” Said Chris. Samantha knew Chris was lying as the sheets matched the ones she had bought the previous evening. She could not figure out why in the world children should lie to prove a point.


Hyper sensitive!” muttered Chris as he left the room. Samantha said “This is not being hyper sensitive. This is being a parent, mind it and don’t you dare talk to me like this.” Samantha wanted a peaceful day and as her teenage children were growing, every miniscule thing seemed a major issue for her. She wanted to get away from all this, and go to bed, which really seemed far away for her now.


As she made her way out, she saw the wash basin. It was full of water. Katie, Samantha’s daughter had the habit of standing up and washing her face. She could never bend down, Samantha could not understand why. How would and why would someone not bend down and wash the face? “It beats me” said Samantha to herself. She busied herself wiping the wash basin counter with a mop and rued over her everyday routine of keeping things back in place only for them to get messed up again.


“Katie!  How many times have I told you to bend down while washing your face?” yelled a tired and fatigued Samantha. Katie said “Relax Mom! I know, I do not know why in the world you are yelling your head out over such trivial issues. And when you keep your coffee mug here and there, what about that.?”


Samantha had never been able to understand why her children spoke to her in this manner. She could never dream of talking to her mother this way. As she sighed, and made her way to bed, Robert , her husband asked for his night pills. She had just reached the room ,when he called out to her. Taking a deep breath , Samantha went to search it and give it to him. As she was making her way towards her room, she heard something fall down.


She turned and saw that Katie had dropped her computer mouse. “Goodness Gracious! Now that is not going to work anymore.  I know that. OH why in the world did  I keep the mouse outside!” she muttered and so saying made her way towards her room. As she crossed the kitchen , she saw water all over the place. Robert had dropped water. “ Now I better wipe it clean or else Robert would fall down when he comes for his midnight snack” mumbled Samantha.


Time is 12 in the night. Samantha’s family is fast asleep and she has not yet reached her bed. How many of you lead Samantha’s life? If you do, time to sit back and relax women.


P.S  Samantha is me !



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