The Angelic Child

The Angelic Child

The Angelic Child
The Angelic Child

As Rachel busied herself with the dough, she had a sense of pleasure and happiness. Every morning she woke up and she infused life into the statues she made. She used to talk to them, speak to them about her troubles and share the pains and pleasures of life. Rachel a professional statue maker today was busy with a special creation  which she felt was deserving of her profession.


Everything was perfect about the child, the soft curly hair, the perfectly shaped hands, the beautifully long fingers, gentle shaped legs whcih automatically gave a lovely personality and absolutely


truthful lips. Everything was perfect and now she worked on the eyes.

English: Ramat Rachel Hotel - statue by David ...
English: Ramat Rachel Hotel – statue by David Polus עברית: מלון רמת רחל – פסלו של דוד פולוס (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

She dabbed more of the powder in the bowl and made a perfect dough and took the other end of the paintbrush to carve the eyes. She first looked back at the eyes, and paused to look into them. They looked so beautiful she thought and added some eyelashes. As the puppy love eyes looked at her, Rachels heart skipped a beat. It seemed as if she would drown in those eyes. The very hands that made the idol now shivered as she raised her hands to fit the pupils. As she went towards the eye region, a big blob of plaster fell down. RAchel bent down to see and saw that it had fallen right in the pot of black paint. She climbed down the ladder to clear the mess and looked up and again felt a shudder as she felt the beautiufl innocent eyes looking at her, as if pleading her to keep it for ever. Rachel sold a piece a day and used to put up the best as the Sale of The Day. She had made this Angelic Child statue with making it the Sale of The Day in mind.


But now she couldnt and she just left it at that. She left the eye damaged as it had got when she was climbing down. There was a tear near the eye but Rachel let it be there. And she told herself she wouldnt sell this. This was her precious creation, her innocent child, her loveable companion.


English: Ramat Rachel Hotel - statue by David ...
English: Ramat Rachel Hotel – statue by David Polus עברית: מלון רמת רחל – פסלו של דוד פולוס (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Everyday Rachel used to open the shop and first clean the child of its mess, speak to it about her activities the previous day and fondle it with great care. The Angelic child used to look at her through wistful unmade eyes. Maybe the child was wondering why it was not complete why Rachel was happy with the unfinished look. Well it did not matter for soon the shop started getting popular because of the one statue the Angelic Child which looked beautiful but was not for sale. People used to come to the shop look at the antiques and artifacts but finally used to ask about this creation of Rachels. They used to hold its hands, speak to it, fondle it, cuddle it and then want to buy it. But Rachel never let it be put up for sale as she felt only the most deserving customer should get it and she was waiting for that day when the special customer would walk in.


Unknown to Rachel at times customers used to handle the idol and some broke a finger, some a hand, some used to spoil the carvings on the idol and others used to spoil the beauty of the statue and each time Rachel used to set it right and polish it to give a new look.


Time passed and Rachels shop grew and very soon she had her own franchise. The Angelic Child went wherever she went and was in the shop which Rachel used to manage. One day Rachels friend came along to the shop and suggested that it was time she let the Angelic

Statue of Rachel, the daughter of Laban
Statue of Rachel, the daughter of Laban (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Child free and gave it a new home, a new surrounding, the idol deserved it like the other ones. Rachel was not really sure, and was hestiant as she had grown to like the idol like her own child.


After a lot of persuasion, Rachel decided to give the idol a fair chance. She decided that she would give it to the next customer who would she would come across.


Along came a bubbly cheerful girl filled with life, energy and zest and looked around the shop and her eyes fell on the Angelic child. It was instant preference for her and she whisked it away just as Rachel nodded her head that it was available .  Rachel could not quote a price for her best creation and said it was a giveaway of the day and was for free.


As Rachels back turned and she faked as if she was putting things back in place , her eyes welled with tears as she was parting somethign so close tto her , something so precious. The girl who took the idol wheeled her way back out of the shop. As Rachel searched her pocket for the handkerchief to wipe the tear on her cheek she heard a big sound. She turned around only to see that her prized possession, the Angelic Child, her keepsake of so many years, her strength, lay there fallen on the ground all shattered into pieces. Rachel could not believe it and shocked she rushed down to pick up not the girl who had stumbled but her beautiful creation, the angelic baby. And as she sat there on the ground in disbelief one piece attracted her attention. There on the corner lay the beautiful eyes, tender ones , puppy loved and innocent as if asking her Why Did you decide to give me away?


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