Subhash The Car Washer who owns a car today

Vehicle of Success

Subhash The Car Washer who owns a car today
Subhash The Car Washer who owns a car today

As he knocked at the door, Radhika wiped her forehead off the sweat and looked at her dirty apron, and said a “never mind” to herself as she had to open the door.

She gave the keys and asked him to get them back soon for Ramesh had to leave for work.  ” This is the guy who would wash your car from today, ” Krishna the car washer had said. Today the new guy had come and Radhika saw him , a thin looking lad with a smile on his face. “Not bad” thought Radhika and hoped he would do a good job.

Time passed and Radhika’s everyday routine too flew by. She used to go on her morning walks and come back in time to finish work at home before Ramesh left for office. Everyday she used to see Subhash the new car washer and he used to salute her with a “Good Morning M’am” greeting and a wide smile.

Time slowly went past and soon Subhash had to leave the job as he had other new assignments in hand. Radhika’s car washer changed to someone else. Yet everyday she used to meet Subhash and he never ceased to give her the respect he always gave her.

Gradually Radhika’s children grew up and her son grew to be a lanky lad of sixteen years. One day he came back from school and excitedly told his mother “Mom, you know that Subhash, the car washer , well he has bought a car”. Radhika was quite impressed and the next day when she went for a walk, she saw Subhash and congragulated him for the new car.

Subhash The Car Washer who owns a car today
Subhash The Car Washer who owns a car today

Subhash proudly showed her the car and RAdhika insisted he should take her on a ride round the place. He did, and RAdhika was mighty impressed with his achievement. She asked him how he bought it.

Subhash said his brother died some ten years back , when Subhash left school to start earning for his family. It was his ardent desire to own a car and he had saved right from the start and soon enough when he had had enough money he bought a second hand car. Whatever be the make or the condition, or the quality, he bought a car and that was important.

A person who washed cars earlier today owns a car. Radhika was really appreaciative of his achievements and asked to take a photo. He complied with a lot of modesty and humility and Radhika was quite surprised to see him shy away when he saw one of his clients draw up the parking lot.

Such was the modesty and humility of the boy, and such was his achievement that Radhika asked him how he could drive it so easily. He said he had learned driving and was also working as a part time driver. She asked him if he brought the car to work .To which he smiled and replied

“Yes M’am, what is wrong in showing off the results of your hard work?”

That is the story of a car washer who today owns a car – Subhash.

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