Rukmini Krishnan
Rukmini Krishnan

I am Rukmini Krishnan, freelancer and blogger and Tales To Read  is the fruit of an effort which started some years back when I was talking on the phone. I have this habit of doodling while on the phone and I suddenly found I had written a poem. I instantly copied it in a notebook. Those were the days of no computers. So I used to collect my poems in a book.

Some years back when blogging started, I started penning everything down in the blog. Thus took birth, the initial introduction of Tales To Read . Today I write a poem quite regularly and all the poems in the blog are entirely my creations. Whenever I get affected by anything , I express it in words as they are my best friend.

It is intriguing to see how words pour out when you have to write and it is a joy for me when all my readers read it and appreciate it. Today this virtual family that I have is my wealth and the best feeling I could ever have had.

There is a great reading list you will have in the blog. Enjoy all the categories and make the best of them.

Art (Photo credit: A.Currell)

Thanks all of you, for liking my blog and reading it. More to come so stay tuned….

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