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What Goes Around Comes Around

English: Ramat Rachel Hotel - statue by David ...
English: Ramat Rachel Hotel – statue by David Polus עברית: מלון רמת רחל – פסלו של דוד פולוס (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

” Only remember that I do not want to hear about you from a third person” so saying Edgar walked out of the living room and made his way out into the driveway and drove  his small sedan out.

Rachel looked at herself in the mirror and imitated her father ” I do not want to hear about you from a third person. Do you understand that, Ms.Rachel Edgar Smith?”  With a tinkle of laughter, she left out and took her bicycle and the very next moment went to meet Renauld who was waiting for her at his gate. Together they cycled down the lane and reached school.

“Dad is quite freaked out at me, Renauld and has said so in so many words, that I should not be seeing you.” said Rachel

“However is that possible, Rachel,? ” Renauld asked in exasperation, all his books toppling down. Rachel and Renauld had grown up together and now were well on their teens. Everything was working perfect, except that the local community at the Parish was not allowing them to be seen together as it was against the law of the Parish, that a boy from the nearby town should not be going around with a girl from Bloomingdale where Rachel lived.

Rachel, a loving daughter, did not like to be separated from her childhood friend and still met him on the stealth, unknown to her parents. But one day, she decided to call it off, for she did not want to betray her parents. And sure enough, Renauld also agreed as, he too was a well brought up boy from a good family. Old times, and those days when children used to obey their parents.

Soon time passed and Rachel went on to becoming  a writer. She loved writing and soon her books on children became the hot topics and the favourites in town. Renauld was a successful businessman and after Rachel got married, their friendship was in the back burner.

Rachel now a happy woman, a loving wife and a disciplinarian at home. A mother,stern with rules and liberal with mistakes of here children, Rachel had three of them, Ryan the elder one, Kate the second, and Christopher the third. As the children grew, Rachel was more than happy they never troubled her for any major cause. Ryan graduated and went on to becoming a photographer, Kate was pursuing her Masters in Commercial Arts and Christopher was in High School.

One day, Pam, Rachel’s best friend called and told her that Christopher had sent a message to his friend, and Rachel’s friend’s daughter Samantha that his relation with Daphne was over. Samantha’s brother happened to see this message and queried with Christopher. Pam saw this and reported all to Rachel. Rachel sat down and thought for a long while, on how to tackle this situation. She did not want to hurt Christopher, lest he stopped telling her everything. She did not want to keep quiet lest the kids take her for granted.

When Christopher reached home, Rachel cleared her throat and waited for Christopher to finish what he was doing. Rachel had decided what she had to say.  She said ;

“Only remember that I do not want to hear about you from a third person” !!!

What goes around comes around !

Small Steps Big Differences

Rachel Hikes with the Shadows
Rachel Hikes with the Shadows (Photo credit: djking)


The tiny fingers gripped the huge palm tighter…The smallness of her hand was really miniscule in comparison to the huge size of her mother’s hands….warm and soothing, firm but convincing. Katie looked up to see her mother’s face …and turned her direction towards her mother’s focus of attention..

“Clear the way for the children, monsieurs et Mesdames…” boomed the voice of the burly security guard at the gate of Springdale Nursery. The first day of school and all the anxious parents had gathered at the entrance to the school. As the bell struck and signaled the time of beginning of school, the parents started waving goodbye, giving hurried last minute kisses…bear hugs, warm embraces…emotions were high and flowing .

Katie’s grip tightened…and she thought to herself, “ No, I am not letting go of my mama’s hand…I am gonna take her inside…”…Even as she was lost in these thoughts, Rachel bent down, fixed Katies’ satchel properly, adusted her pinafore and gave her one warm peck in her cheek… “Be a good girl…ok? Mama will be waiting for you right here…Go off you go…”
So saying and leading her into the corridor of the school, Katie stood there looking at her mother…big tears in her innocent eyes…

Rachel patted Katie on her head and asked her to be a brave mama’s girl…and fondly led her in….Rachel sat with Katie on her bench. The parents were allowed to be inside the classroom on the first day of school. Rachel felt that only Katie was the best dressed and best looking child in the class, How mothers can be self effacing…is a proof of Nature’s way of sending across the warmth of motherhood all over.

After quarter of an hour the parents were asked to go out….Hardly had the parents moved out of the room, than they heard a din which they would forever cherish and remember in the years to come.. The din of the two three year olds wailing at the sudden separation from their mother…The noise of wailing infants, sobbing miserably as if doomsday had come calling on them…

Feeling really proud but beleagured, feeling satisfied but insecure the mothers walked out of school…and waited the full hour outside the school. As the bell rang after an hour signaling end of the first day of the tot’s school, the parents rushed to the gate each one trying to be the first to see their child come out…And as the tiny tots came out, tears trickling down their faces, with dirty cheeks and running noses, open shoelaces and broken buttons, satchel in place but hair all in a mess, the scene was like a battle won and the warriors being received. Each mother wrapping her baby in her arms, lifting her up, checking to see if her child was alright….and then tightening her hug…

But Katie’s tears remained…every day for the next week till she settled down in her classroom…Katie shone like a bright star …and was the teacher’s favourite…A year rolled by and soon it was time for the summer holidays to begin. …

Very soon Rachel and Katie were again at the gate…this time she was in Higher Nursery Section….Again the small fingers gripped the huge hand tightly, the grasp tightening as the school gate neared…again the reluctant goodby, again the slow turning back of the bobbing infant head, tears welled up, with a single question on her lips.. .. “ You would come to pick me up wont you..?” The fond waving of a goodbye till the small infant figure disappeared amidst the crowd into the school rooms….the long wait till the school was over and Katie rushing into her arms…

Five years passed and Katie was now in the Second Grade. Yet the first day of school was always an experience of excess salt water for her….Tears…Katie had now grown into a cute chubby seven year old…yet her eyes were the same…welling with big tears, Katie would pause at the gate for Rachel to give her a kiss and then ask “ Would you come to pick me up..?”

Rachel failed to understand how Katie never failed to cry ….on the first day…even as her grades soared and she was good at everything…Katie remained the crybaby till the Seventh Grade…

The tiny hands had now become young hands, the small baby had grown into a beautiful 16 year old…Katie had now become a lovely looking teenager, and she was with Rachel in her first day of college…

Rachel accompanied Katie to her classroom, waited outside to see if there was anything else to be done…and then it was time to say goodbye…Rachel hugged Katie and planted a warm peck on Katie’s cheek…Katie hurriedly said…. “Ok, mom, I am going in…..bye..”

Rachel slowly walked down the steps, and edged along the corridor…she got herself a lemonade and in slow steps walked out of the college gate….

This time at the gate there were tears……but today they brimmed in the mother’s eyes….How times change…Rachel suddenly realized her child had grown into a confident woman….from the small fingers that clung to her hands…years back…to confident hands waving a goodbye…Rachel had traveled a long journey of motherhood….



Basic Instinct

As she felt the rain drenching her face, there was a new found relief that she felt, a feeling of washing away all the insecurities, fears and prejudices. It was a feeling that she had never felt in so many days…..

Rachel was drenched head to toe, she had no slippers on, she was trying to get a public taxi, but she could not, she just was getting

English: Ramat Rachel Hotel - statue by David ...
English: Ramat Rachel Hotel – statue by David Polus עברית: מלון רמת רחל – פסלו של דוד פולוס (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

irritated at the cab drivers, yet she felt a resurgence never felt before.

Rachel, a mother of two, had a lot to take care of. Her husband was just out of an illness, and needed attention, her teenage children were giving her challenges as a parent and her son  was already in the stage of life, when girls should be dating him and he was getting no one. Rachel , the protective mother hen, loved her children like no one could and was the best friend to all who knew her. Rachel was trying to come to terms with convincing her son not to take drugs, not to have open sex, not to enter into relations which have no future, yet her son was feeling Rachel was ruling his life, his emotions. After innumerable arguments and explanations Rachel felt she should give her son a fair chance of learning by his own mistakes. All this was taking a toll on her. She wanted to be free….feel free ….fly free…away from all this, away from responsibilities.

As she said, ” it is difficult to see a child falling into a pit yet behaving as if there is no pit at all.”

Rachel had this constant feeling of strangulation,  when she was a mother, a wife, a friend and she wanted to be away from all this. Today was Rachel’s son’s assessment test. She wanted to supervise his work, and as she had settled down on the settee to check his work, there was a call from her friend, a radio jockey. Rachel had won a prize in a radio contest and was being called for a tete a tete in the afternoon on air. Rachel wanted to go, but declined as duty called as a mother. She had already refused a pyjama party with her friends Kate and Anne, and had not said yes for a movie out with her friends. All she wanted to do was supervise her son’s work so that he gets good grades.

The bell rang, Rachel opened the door. Susan, her next door neighbour had come to take the number of the ambulance service. Rachel came to know that Susan’s eighty year old mother had suddenly taken ill, had edema on her feet and was getting breathless. Rachel gave the number and thought of continuing with her son’s work. Yet, she went across to Susan’s house to ask if they needed any help. The old woman was on a wheelchair, gasping , panting for breath and the ambulance came over soon. As they took the woman inside, Rachel could not help getting into the ambulance. Neither did she have her phone nor had she worn her slippers, yet she went. As they entered the hospital, Rachel went about helping the family and in an hour’s time she got the lady admitted. Susan offered to drop her back , but Rachel refused. She said their presence in the hospital was more important. The assessment test , Rachel believed would take care of itself.

As Rachel stepped out of the hospital, it rained and that is the reason she got drenched. But the help that she gave Susan’s family , gave Rachel so much satisfaction, that all the negative feelings she had, the discontentment ,the lack of expectation, just ebbed away into oblivion. Rachel felt, selfless service is the best she could do to make her life beautiful. The rest seemed mundane.